October 2007

Adhesive Dispensers

These cleverly designed containers will dispense just the right amount of PVA adhesive into the reservoir. Ideally suited for most adhesives, gums, dyes, lacquers, fabric dressings, liquid polishes and all other liquids which evaporate and become solid quickly.

Available in 3 sizes
0.45 litre, including brush - £14.00 each
0.90 litre, including brush - £16.63 each
1.50 litre, including brush - £19.25 each

Replacement Brushes:
Small Brush, No.6 (for 0.45) - £2.45 each
Large Brush, No.12 (for 0.90 and 1.50 litre) - £3.15 each

(subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)

These new Adhesive Despensers may be ordered Online - Click Here