February 2008

Single Line Fillets

Limited Availability - We are pleased to offer for sale these single line, 1.5 point fillets. We have managed to obtain ten of these lovely finishing wheels, but once they have been sold, we will be unable to obtain any more.

£49.50 each

(Prices are subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)

Plastic Barrels

Used, very strong, 120 litre blue barrels supplied with clamps. They have previously contained either non-hazardous vegetable tannins or fish oils from the tanning industry.

Please note, that We can only offer these barrels for sale in the UK.

Cost - £2.97 + carriage & VAT = £15.00 . The price includes donation of £2.50 to 'Riding for the Disabled'

These barrels may be purchased online from our catalogue by clicking here.