August 2009

Embossed Fair Goat

This natural goat, manufactured using Scandinavian skins, is ideal for conservation, repair and restoration. It is often used for the re-backing of old sheep and goatskin bindings and is supplied with a choice of 5 grains. This leather is supplied undyed, but is well suited for dyeing by the binder.

The leather can also be supplied un-embossed (see Fair Goat)

Average Skin Size: 0.60 - 0.70 sq.m (6.5 - 7.5 sq.ft). Approx. Cut Size: 65 x 75 cm
Standard Substance: 1.0 mm
Grains: 5 embossings
Colours available: Natural
Grades: Run Selection
Approximate price for single skins: £62.00 per skin

The Embossed Fair Goat may be ordered online by clicking here

(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2009

J Hewit and Sons Award for Innovation

Winner - Max Penn, Barnack, Cambridgeshire, UK, Non-Professional, Complete Book

Book - Untitled

Binding - Orange / Gold fibre paper and Russian Green paper covered binding. Materials used were 2000 micron card, orange/gold fibre paper and Russian Green paper; the brads are both structural and decorative, as are the straps. All binding has been done with double-sided tape rather than glue. The idea was to explore methods of spine and cover attachment that broke from the traditional format and gave both a tactile and visual character to the binding. It has an odd medieval look to it - studs and battlements.

J Hewit and Sons Awards for Craftsmanship

Binder - Ann Tout, Fareham, Hampshire, UK, Non-Professional, Fine Binding

Book - Don't Look Now by Daphne Du Maurier

Binding - Brown goatskin with painted panels, graphite edges. Blind tooling of wood grain on plank shapes. Oil painted silk panels worked from each story, silk endbands, graphite edges with stencil work on fore-edge. Book boards designed to represent doors/shutters as barriers seemed most appropriate through which to glimpse each horrifying story.

J Hewit and Sons Award for Impact

Binder - Tom McEwan, Glengarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, Non-Professional, Fine Binding

Book - 'A Song to David' by Christopher Smart

Binding - Full goatskin leather with several scarf jointed structures, colour inlays and back-pared onlays with blind tooled line work. Sewn on recessed hemp cords. Double core silk endbands. The basic design is of two superimposed 'cross' forms spanning both boards against a background of radiating lines in coloured leather and blind. The design concept is based on Smart's intense religious mania which gradually became a form of madness.

Our warmest congratulations go to all the winners

Tom McEwan is presented with the J. Hewit and Sons Prize for 'Impact' by David Lanning,
the newly appointed President of the Society of Bookbinders.