June 2009

Linen Thread

The manufacturer of our Linen Thread has discontinued the 50g spools of 40/3, but we are pleased to advise that we are replacing it with the slightly heavier 35/3 thread.

Our full range of thread may be view in our catalogue by clicking here

Type Tray

Are you fed-up with trying to keep your type tidy? If the answer is yes, then this wooden Type Tray would be a cost effective and practical way to organise and store your brass type.


  • 50 compartments - 30mm x 30mm x 25mm
  • Overall dimensions - 342mm x 182mm x 35mm
  • Sides - Pine
  • Base - Plywood
  • Dividers - Plywood
  • Lid - Plexiglas (Perspex)

for 1-2 units - £16.65 each
for 3-5 units - £15.73 each
for 6+ units - £14.80 each

The Type Tray may be ordered Online - Click Here

(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)