May 2009

Gold Rubbers

We have had to discontinue this product. We inherited the recipe for gold rubbers around 10 years ago and made them until about 18 months ago when we ran out of raw latex. The process was messy, smelly and time-consuming and we have decided not to continue with their manufacture.

If you can find raw latex, it is "just" a case of soaking a small lump of the material in about the same volume of paraffin for around two weeks, turning it every couple of days and then drying it out when it has swollen, again for a couple of weeks.

B36 Starch Paste Powder

We are pleased to be in a position to reintroduce the very popular B36, pre-gelatinised pure starch based on regular maize. It is a general purpose bookbinding paste and contains no fungicide. To prepare, whilst stirring, add powder to cold water until required consistency is reached.

Available in:
300g packs - makes approximately 1 gallon @ £3.51 each
1.5kg packs - makes approximately 5 gallons @ £14.65 each
25kg sacks @ £112.00 each

B36 may be ordered Online - Click Here