Volume 22 - Autumn 2006


Product & Company News


Douglas Black 1948 - 2006

It is with deep regret that we announce the sudden passing of Douglas at his home in Edinburgh on Tuesday 12th September. Douglas joined the firm in 1990 and was a well established member of the Hewits "family". As our company accountant, Douglas's contributions to this company during his 17 years of dedicated service were many and varied. Most importantly, keeping the company on the 'straight and narrow'. Douglas was a great storyteller, and we will all remember many delightful and memorable moments in his presence. He hated the phone ringing and used to shout at it regularly, so the office is now a much quieter place without him around.

Douglas will be dearly missed by his friends at J. Hewit & Son and fondly remembered by all. He is survived by his beloved wife Margaret.


The Leather Working Handbook

By Valerie Michael published by Cassell Illustrated. With over 60 colour and B&W illustrations.

,At last! A leatherworking book for amateurs by a top professional. Valerie Michael, a founder member of the Association of Design Leatherworkers, has been a full-time leatherworker for over twenty years, and this book contains the very best of her knowledge and experience. After a really thorough presentation of each of the key techniques - such as finishing edges, paring and hand stitching, making pockets, attaching studs and straps and decorating surfaces - there are ten projects, suitable for developing levels of skill, from belts and wallets to quilted work and three different types of leather bag. Not only is this book an ideal introduction to a centuries-old craft, but its comprehensive treatment of materials, tools and techniques makes it an invaluable work of reference.

'The information is presented in a very clear and well illustrated fashion, with plenty of photographs to help the reader through each project.' The Craftsman

'...a complete guide for anyone wanting to take up the crafts.' Popular Crafts

Only £14.99

(subject to shipping charges where applicable)

Health & Safety Data Sheets

We are pleased to advise, for those of you who require Health and Safety Data sheets on those products we manufacture and/or sell, we have now made them available to download directly from the 'Downloads' Page of our web site. This page may be reached by clicking here.

Pentland Goat Colours

Our dye suppliers have recently withdrawn from sale, the light blue dye we were using. In spite of searching with other dye manufacturers, we have been unable to find a suitable replacement. So it is with regret, that we are removing Pentland P14 from our colour range. As a result of the availability of a suitable light blue dye, in future P13 Royal blue will be slightly less green (more blue) than it has previously been.

Additional Bits for Japanese Drill Punch

We are pleased to advise that in addition to the 7 bit sizes we already sell, we are now offering 4.5mm and 5.0mm bits. As these two new sizes do not form part of the standard seven piece set, they will need to be ordered separately.

Backing Hammers

We are delighted to advise that with only a slight disruption to their supply, we are now supplying traditional backing hammers again at a cost of £22.88.


Skin Deep - Volume 22 - Autumn 2006

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