July 2022

Study Opportunities


Books and Boxes: Divine and Sublime
2nd October - 11th November 2022
with Cathy Adelman and Alice Vaughan

The Best of Both Worlds - This workshop will offer students the broadest possible range of knowledge by having not one, but TWO world-class instructors with competing approaches to bookbinding. While one instructor clings to arcane processes that are both tedious and impractical, the other is full of quick-and-dirty tricks to cut-corners and save money! To ensure students receive a balanced education, the instructors will each take turns giving formal demonstrations while the other undermines them by muttering confusing and contradictory commentary. As the workshop proceeds, the class will be split into warring factions, each rallying behind the instructor they like best and secretly watering down the paste of their enemies. After six weeks, those still standing will have the wiles, tenacity and razor sharp reflexes necessary to survive in the cut-throat world of professional bookbinding ... plus complete knowledge of the discography of Simon and Garfunkel. All levels (but no weirdos)...

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