Volume 13 - Spring 2002


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ABC of Bookbinding by Jane Greenfield

For the first time, Jane Greenfield has provided a unique glossary of terms, styles, structures, and names related to conservation and bookbinding through the ages illustrated with over 700 line drawings. Until now, locating accurate descriptions of bindings from various periods has been frustrating for those who work with rare and antiquarian books, especially conservators, librarians, book collectors and antiquarian book specialists.

Ms. Greenfield, a master in the field of bookbinding and conservation, examines the book's development from the earliest periods and in different places. She has provided names and drawings for almost every conceivable part of the book as well as a multitude of styles, bindings, and decorations. She literally takes apart the structure of the book and illustrates the many and varied facets and definitions that clearly outline the historical development of the book's structures and styles.


This Hardback book is published by The Plough Press and is priced at £25.00


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Price Reductions

In May last year, we announced the introduction of several new items to our product range; Japanese Screw Punch and Teflon Folders. We have recently been able to source these items at a lower cost and are pleased to pass these price reductions on to you. The new prices are:

Japanese Drill Punch £41.60 each Spare set of Bits £20.80 per set
Teflon Folder - Small - 150mm x 15mm x 6mm @ £11.50 each
Teflon Folder - Large - 160mm x 20mm x 10mm @ £12.34 each

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and for EU customers VAT @ 17.5%


Skin Deep - Volume 13 - Spring 2002

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