Volume 2 - Autumn 1996


Letters & Feedback

Tickling the Filaments!

Thank you very much for sending 'Skin Deep' Issue No.1. Part 1 of the Manufacture of Leather tickled the memory filaments and took me back to pinning our salted rabbit skins on the coal-house roof. I can't wait for part 2 when I hope to read the solution to another old memory. This is of a swimming pool size vat of chemicals I almost fell into when visiting a London Tannery as a City messenger boy just after the........well, in 1947. Please keep me on your list. Season's greetings to all - especially my contact there, Richard.

Peter Sewell, West Sussex, UK


Congratulations and well done. Your newsletter is most welcome and I look forward to future editions. Bookbinders have so few publications. I enjoyed Maureen Duke's article and David Lanning's - most interesting and informative.


Paul C. Delrue, Cheshire, UK


Skin Deep - Volume 2 - Autumn 1996

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