Volume 20 - Autumn 2005


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The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books

By Gabrielle Fox, published by North Light Books. A superb, no fail guide to making elegant and original books by hand. Discover the rewards of creating perfect keepsakes, personal journals, photo albums and gifts for friends. Hundreds of full-colour photographs and detailed instructions make the eleven step-by-step projects clear and easy to understand - even if you are a beginner. And each time you master a technique, an inspirational idea gallery encourages you to extend your talents with special projects that are truly works of art.

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B36 Pure Starch Paste Powder

B36 is a pre-gelatinised pure starch based on regular maize. It is a general purpose bookbinding paste and contains no fungicide. To prepare, whilst stirring, add powder to cold water until required consistency is reached.

Available in:
300g packs - makes approximately 1 gallon @ £2.76 each
1.5kg packs - makes approximately 5 gallons @ £11.50 each
25kg sacks @ £70.00 each

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Recently introduced, 'Dye-Fix' is a specially formulated fixative for our Aniline Leather dyes. Once dyeing has been carried out and allowed to dry, simply apply a coating with cotton wool or a lint-free cloth to the leather. Once dry the leather can be finished in the normal way. Available in 150ml bottles @ £3.00 each

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Die Bonding Film

Die Bonding Film is a double-sided, heat sensitive film used to secure blocking dies to the blocking machine. Roll size 75mm x 10m Price: £35.00


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Skin Deep - Volume 20 - Autumn 2005

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