Volume 25 - Spring 2008


Study Opportunities

Society of Bookbinders, London and South Mastercraft Classes - Spring 2008

Please note: All mastercraft classes will now start at 10.30, with a half-hour break at 12.30 and finish at 3.00

29th March (Saturday) - Rachel Ward-Sale Impressed Leather Techniques in Bookbinding
Rachel studied Art, Design and Bookbinding at the University of Brighton from 1977 to 1981, where her tutors were John Plummer, Faith Shannon and David Sellars. While there she was elected as one of the first Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders in 1980 and in 2005 she was elected as a Fellow of DB. Since leaving college she has been self-employed as a binder and in 1992 she set up Bookbinders of Lewes where she still works doing general binding and repairs as well as fine bindings. In this Mastercraft Class, Rachel will give a practical introduction to the techniques involved in impressing designs into leather and ways of incorporating these into bindings. The morning session will be a demonstration and talk through of the subject and in the afternoon members will have a chance to experiment with materials provided. Following this Mastercraft class, there will be a 'BRING AND BUY' sale. All participants are asked to bring something - tools, materials, books etc. and to donate a percentage of the proceeds to the region's funds. We rely on everyone attending to take part. Thank you!

The class will be held at the Congregational Chapel, Kelly Street, Kentish Town, NW1. See above for directions.

11/12th April (Friday/Saturday) - Society of Bookbinders Training Seminar '08 in Loughborough.
The Society of Bookbinders holds a major conference every two years (in 2007 most successfully in York) and in alternate years there is a smaller scale event known as the Training Seminar. There is an emphasis on demonstrations, scheduled so that full delegates can see all of them. The 2008 Training Seminar will be held at Loughborough, close to the M1 and on a main rail line, for ease of access. The '08 Seminar will have eight demonstrators and a suppliers fair. Full delegate tickets will include dinner and accomodation.

Full details, booking forms etc will be on the Society website or contact: George Davidson, 9 The Crescent, Eaton Socon, Cambs PE19 8 HF

17th May (Saturday) Chris Damp 'What goes on under the covers?' Secrets of the springback binding revealed.
Chris began his binding studies at the (then) LCC in 1992, going on to Guildford College where he did some work on book conservation and then took a Post-Graduate Diploma in Book Conservation at West Dean, which included a spell as an intern at the British Library, 'a great learning experience' says Chris. In this Mastercraft Class he will be demonstrating the secrets of the springback, looking at the sewing structure, the lining of the spine, the making of the spring back itself and the construction of the binding. He will also discuss the decorative bands and lacing that are often found on such bindings and the suitability of this binding style to albums, memorial books etc.

The class will be held at the Congregational Chapel, Kelly Street, Kentish Town, NW1. See above for directions.

Spring/Summer Weekend Courses at Paper Dragon Books in New York

Beginning Bookbinding
March 29-30 & April 5-6
Cost - $400
Taught over two weekends, this course will introduce students to the techniques, materials and equipment needed to bind and repair books. You will learn, under careful guidance, how to produce two case bindings easily and without blemish. Further explorations will include non-adhesive binding and simple enclosures. Perfect for creative professionals wishing to expand their skill-set and produce quality bindings suitable for personal use.

Clamshell Boxes
April 26-27
Cost - $200
This course is dedicated to the versatile yet indispensable clamshell box. Constructions will include basic and reinforced trays with discussion of square backed and rounded spines. Further consideration will be given to 3- and 4- walled structures.

May 10-11, 17-18, 24-25
Cost - $400 + $50 materials fee
Over three weekends, those interested in historical binding and refining their bookbinding skills will have the opportunity to investigate the Islamic codex. With the completion of a folding Islamic binding in goatskin, students will achieve competency in sewing sections with a chain link stitch, sewing chevrons, and paring leather to a professional grade. Early Arabic Design will also be demonstrated, and techniques such as tooling in gold/blind, and leather onlay/inlay, will be employed.

Limp Vellum
June 28-29
Cost - $200 + $50 materials fee

Gold Tooling
July 26-27
Cost - $200 + $50 materials fee
Providing an environment in which to experiment and practice, this course provides the student with the principles required to understand and accomplish successful gold tooling and lettering. First day demonstrations will detail the basic procedure of covering goatskin plaquettes with a gold-tooled border using wheels and fillets. Students will then complete a run-up full gilt spine with lettering on the second day.

Fine Binding
August 9-10, 16-17, 23-24
Cost - $400 + $50 materials fee
This three-weekend course is geared toward people looking to complete fine bindings in a consistent and professional manner. Books will be sewn, covered in goatskin, and completed with traditional titling and decoration. Students will learn the tricks of the trade while refining existing skills. A must for those interested in making a living as a binder!

Paper Dragon Books is located at 145 West 26 Street, NY, NY 10001

For further information contact miniwyvern@yahoo.com

The School for Formal Bookbinding in Plains, PA USA will be offering the following classes in 2008:

March 29-30: Book Structures for Non-Binders

April 12-13: A Weekend of Decorated Papers
April 21-21: Foundations of Hand Bookbinding
April 28-May 2: Introduction to Case Binding

May 17-18: Introduction to Titling and Tooling

June 9-13: Introduction to Leather Binding
June 16-20: Full Leather Binding
June 28-29: Book Edge Gilding

July 14-18: Cloth Binding Conservation
July 21-25: Leather Binding Conservation

August 18-22: Bible Restoration and Binding
August 25-29: Edition Binding

Sept. 6-7: Introduction to Paper Repair
Sept. 20-21: A Contemporary Leather Spined Box

There is a five student maximum for all classes,and housing is available for all students if desired. The costs are: $200 tuition for weekend classes; $500 for week-long classes and $800 for two one-week classes taken in sequence. Housing is $20/night with a reduction for stays of two weeks. There are materials fees for certain classes.

The classes are taught by Don Rash, a student of Trudi and Fritz Eberhardt and practicing hand binder for almost thirty years.

For complete class descriptions and other information please visit the website at www.donrashfinebookbinder.com, or call 1- 570 821 7050.

CBBAG Workshops - Winter + Spring 2008

2008 WKSP-10 Caterpillar Binding
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 1 day: Sat., Mar. 29
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $10 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Bookbinding I, or the permission of the instructor.
This one day workshop will introduce the caterpillar binding structure. Inspired by historical examples, the caterpillar stitch binding structure was designed in the early '90s. Since then this structure has developed a life of its own and has become popular with book artists and others. Participants will make a model to take home.

2008 WKSP-11 Bookbinding II
Instructor: Don Taylor
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 6 Sundays: Mar. 30, Apr. 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $480 members/ $560 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: BB I or the permission of the instructor
This course introduces intermediate techniques, such as rounding and backing and sewn end bands, necessary for traditional binding structures. Participants will sew two models, completing one as a German case binding and the other as either a Bradel or split board binding.

2008 WKSP-12 CD Packaging
Instructor: Brian Maloney
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day: Sat., Apr. 5
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $20 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: none
CDs have become one of the most widely used information transfer systems and their packaging should reflect the uniqueness and importance of it's contents. In this one day workshop we will build a number of creative CD enclosures that can easily be expanded into personalized creative expressions to suit any need from business to frivolity.

2008 WKSP-13 Create your own Book Cloth
Instructor: Brian Maloney
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 2 days: Saturday, Apr. 12 & 19
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $160 members/ $220 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Bookbinding I recommended
With a little patience and skill almost any cloth can be turned to book cloth. In this workshop participants will make their own samples of book cloth, both lined and starch filled, using a vast array of fabrics, and experiment with various ways of adding colour and even texture.

2008 WKSP-14 Advanced Headbands
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 1 day: Sat., Apr. 12
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $10 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: BB II or the permission of the instructor.
This one day workshop will give participants an opportunity to practice a variety of more advanced headbands, such as a double core headband, a headband with crowning cores, and a chevron headband. Participants should bring old telephone books or other text blocks to build their examples on.

2008 WKSP-15 Cloth Restoration
Instructor: Brian Maloney
Duration: 5 days: M-F, Apr. 14 - 18
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $400 members/ $ 460 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Bookbinding I & II or the permission of the instructor
This five day workshop introduces the techniques commonly used to repair or restore cloth bound books. The course will discuss various alternative solutions and will cover typical treatments, such as recasing, rebacking, and reattachment of loose plates, sections, spines and boards. Participants should bring several examples of representative problems to work on under direction.

2008 WKSP-16 Lightweight Boxing
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 evening: Fri., May 2
Hours: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Course fee: $40
Materials Fee: $15 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: none
In this evening workshop, participants learn to make an attractive drop-spine box covered with bookcloth and chiyogami. No previous box making experience is necessary for this workshop.

2008-WKSP-17 Heavyweight Boxing
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day: Sat., May 3 Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials Fee: $25 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Lightweight Boxing or some bookbinding or box making experience or the permission of the instructor
Make a lovely tower box with 4 separate compartments and a lid. Learn how to make proper hinges, how to cover boxes neatly, and how to fit boxes properly. This box will be covered in chiyogami and bookcloth.

2008-WKSP-18 Artist's Books Intensive Foundation Class II: A Stack of Overlapping Pages
Instructor: Mira Coviensky
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 5 days: M-F, May 5 - 9
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $400 members/ $460 non-members*
Materials fee: $35 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Artist's Books Foundation Class I (Alternative Structures for Book Artists) or the permission of the instructor.
The codex, the standard book form, is so familiar as a container of information that it's hard to see its other qualities. In this workshop, participants will create artist's books looking at the codex in two new ways: as a stack of overlapping pages and as a sculptural form. Conceptual and technical issues will be addressed through both experimentation and creating finished artist's books.

2008 WKSP-19 Checkerboard Album
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 1 day: Sat., May 10 Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $10 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Bookbinding I, or the permission of the instructor
This one day workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn the checkerboard album structure. Based on the Flexible Chain-back Photograph Album patented in Philadelphia in 1865, this structure has a number of advantages that can be useful in modern album structures. Participants will make a model to take home.

NEW 2008-WKSP-20 Dos-a-Dos Books
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 evening: Fri., May 23 Hours: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Course fee: $40
Materials Fee: $10 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: none
The dos-a-dos or back-to-back binding, a structure with 2 opposing spines, was often used for religious books (i.e., the Bible on one side, and Book of Common Prayer on the other). The two books share a centre cover, so each of the books open in the opposite direction. Participants will make a simple dos-a-dos covered with decorated paper and exposed sewing.

2008-WKSP-21 Secret Belgian Binding
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day: Sat., May 24
Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $15 payable to the instructor
Prerequisites: Some bookbinding, box making or sewing experience or the permission of the instructor
This one-day workshop introduces an historical binding attributed to the Belgians. Many options are available in the decoration of the book. This binding yields an attractive and very sturdy book with a decorative pattern of coloured waxed linen threads on the spine. Visiting Artists Series

2008 WKSP-22 Japanese Paper Repair Techniques
Instructor: Don Etherington
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 5 days: M-F, June 23 - 27
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $500 members/ $560 non-members*
Materials fee: included in course fee
Prerequisites: BB III or the permission of the instructor
This workshop will introduce participant to Japanese paper repair techniques for both leather and cloth bindings. Participants are asked to bring several bindings with problems, some of which will be selected for repair.

Further information and booking at: www.cbbag.ca

Spring & Summer 2008 - Workshops in St. James's Church Rooms, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th April
Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th August

Both two-day workshops run from 10am - 4pm. The cost, excluding materials, is £35.00 for one day or £60.00 for two days.

These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time at bookbinding. Held in the spacious venue of St James's Church Rooms in Chipping Campden, with an excellent permanent range of equipment to use.

Attendance both days is not essential. Working on a one to one basis enables the student to devote their time to their own projects. Flexible attendance can be arranged to enable you to organise the days around other commitments.

The workshops are for beginners and those with some experience. It is likely that John Pursey of Hewits will be visiting us during both workshops.

For any further details contact Anne Weare on +44 (0)1285 760328

Book North 2007/8

During 2007/8, we are running a series of bookbinding workshops in Barkisland, near Halifax. The workshops will run from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm daily: large bindery - small classes. The cost is £70 for each two-day workshop and £180 for the five-day workshops. The cost will include most materials and buffet lunches. Details of local accommodation can be provided.

Barkisland is located in the lovely Calder Valley, which is great Yorkshire walking country. It is within easy reach of Halifax, and the M62 between Manchester and Leeds

The 5-day workshops are:
Inlays & Onlays & Related Techniques with Peter R Jones: 19 - 23 May 2008
Gold Tooling with Tracey Rowledge: date to be advised.

For further details or to book a place, contact Hilary Henning on 01932 787268, or email hilary.henning@tiscali.co.uk. If you want to hear about future Book North courses, contact Hilary to add your name to the Book North mailing list

Leatherwork Courses with MacGregor & Michael, Tetbury. UK

MacGregor & Michael are professional designer-makers of hand-stitched leathergoods with more than 30 years experience. Their short course builds upon the techniques described in 'The Leatherworking Handbook' by Valerie Michael. The maximum number of students is five, so each person receives individual tuition. All tools are provided for use on the courses.

Provisional Dates for 2008 and further information on the whole range of our courses, including courses on:

  • Decorated Leather
  • Moulded Leather Flowers
  • Leather Carving
  • Leather Boxes and Containers
  • Design and Construction of hand stitched bags
  • Wallets-Organisers-Purses

can be found on our website at www.leathercourses.co.uk or by contacting

Val Michael at MacGregor & Michael
37 Silver Street

e-mail: info@leathercourses.co.uk
Tel: ( 0044) 01666 502179

CBL Ascona, Switzerland

The Association centro del bel libro in Ascona is the parent institution of an internationally known and recognised technical school with the specialised areas of Bookbinding and Design and Book and Paper Conservation. The Association exists for the continued development and ever higher qualification of its instructors in both areas. Competitions and exhibitions help inform the public about their activities and expand public awareness of the book. The Association makes it possible for experts in related fields and for interested laypeople to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the book through special courses of instruction. The Association is a not for profit organisation. Its departments assure the smooth functioning of the school and an especially well organised office assists course participants with their stay in Ascona. The Directorate, among other duties, is charged with attracting new supporting members for the Association to en sure the continued work and development of the School. Should you be in agreement with the stated goals of the Association - we would be pleased to welcome you as a new member!

Department of Bookbinding and Design - The study areas of Bookbinding and Design offer discerning bookbinders the opportunity of technical and creative challenges. Course participants have the opportunity to further their qualifications through learning internationally recognised methods and techniques, are able to hone their skills and increase their knowledge, evaluate themselves and be inspired by colleagues. They will exchange ideas and find paths in creativity and through self reflection; paths which open up by being away from job demands and daily stress, away from routine, and the pressures of time and expectations of productivity. The annually changing course offerings are continually enhanced by timely developments to expand students' depth of understanding. They include classic hand bookbinding techniques, such as the French full leather binding, the Bradel technique, as well as hand gilding. Another area of program concentration is the contemporary design of bookbindings, in which design, technique and material complement each other and fulfil the functional and qualitative aspects of a book.

Department Book and Paper Conservation - The study of book and paper conservation at the centro del bel libro ascona assures further education specifically for book and paper restorers and delivers timely, inclusive and internationally recognised competencies in theory and practical applications. Scientific bases of restoration, restoration ethics, as well as documentation and decision making are encouraged and fostered in order to increase the knowledge of course participants in these areas. The opportunity to engage in dialogue in related disciplines, support and evaluation of innovation, and most of all development of practical skills to assure correct restoration and conservation measures - all are addressed in this context. The exchange of ideas among experts, and the addition of highly specialised guest lecturers provide the best conditions for exploring all relevant subjects in depth. Highly qualified teachers, a pleasant study and work environment, course participants from countries world wide, and the much renowned southern joie de vivre facilitate learning, ignite the desire to learn and communicate, and reward the student with improved self confidence. Building on these facts, it becomes an easy task to develop conventions for the protection of our cultural heritage, the book - a task which the centro del bel libro ascona has set itself and which it fulfils.

Further information regarding courses programs can be found on the school's web site at: www.cbl-ascona.ch

Leeds College of Technology, Yorkshire, UK

Last year with great success, Leeds College of Technology, Yorkshire, UK, ran a basic craft bookbinding course. They had a good response, with eight enrolling on the course, most of who would like to move on to more advanced level. They have also had a few interested enquiries for the next basic course. This has prompted them to set up an Intermediate Craft course, which will start in February, following on from the beginners course in September. The new course will again have a certificate from NCFE after successful completion. They intend to move on to quarter and half bound case books and quarter and half bound leather bindings.

The courses will run on Wednesday evenings, 5.00-8.30 pm., 18 weeks each course. The fee will be £150 plus a small enrollment fee.

For more information: Contacts: Mick McGregor at Leeds College of Technology
Tel: +44 (0) 113 297 6438, e-mail m.mcgregor@lct.ac.uk or Student Services: tel +44 (0) 113 297 6481.

London College of Printing, London, UK

BA(HONS) Book Arts and Crafts - a course designed to develop a creative and innovative approach to the art and craft of designing and making books, as functional artifacts and art pieces.

This programme of study is unique in the United Kingdom, being the only course available specifically in book arts & crafts. The course is spread over three years, year one is mostly skills based and covers a variety of bookart areas, year two includes a range of electives allowing the student to focus on certain areas in detail. This year also includes work experience. Year three includes 2 major practical projects and a dissertation in a related area. The course starts in year one as tutor led and gradually becomes student led.

During the course visits are arranged to museums and galleries, field trips abroad and the possibility of engaging in the college exchange programme. A range of methods delivers the course: e.g. practical demonstration, lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Bookart projects are practically based and detailed feedback is always given on student's work either through assessment sheets or in tutorial. Written projects are required in the Cultural Studies and Personal and Professional Development modules.

Here is an outline of each year

Year 1 - Modules include basic skills in Printmaking, Craft bookbinding, craft printing (letterpress and screen), visual studies (drawing & illustration), photography and creative bookarts. Computer studies (computer-aided design), Cultural studies and Professional development. (CS & PPD run throughout the course). Year one is intense and requires attendance over 3/4 days.

Year 2 - Modules include advanced bookart structures and fine print production, electives include advanced printmaking & illustration, design bookbinding, artist's books, historical / oriental structures, conservation techniques and CAD etc. Students may now focus on particular area or specialism and drop areas they do not wish to pursue. PPD not only helps arrange work experience, but sets up student exhibitions in various galleries and the London Artists Bookfair each year.

Year 3 - This year is assessed over 2 major projects and 2 lesser projects. You will be expected to produce a dissertation of around 5000/6000 words and produce a Major Elective Study, which is assessed by exhibition. Projects are student led, this year of the course using a supervision/tutorial system for major projects. Students also set up their own exhibition in a private gallery during this final year. Technical help and advice is always available and most tutors operate an "open door" policy for students who need one-to-one help.

Exit Profile - Over 70% of graduates find employment in areas related to the course programme,(2002). Some have gone into teaching (PGTC) some onto post graduate education, (MA Bookarts, MA Fine Art, MA Product Design and MA Publishing etc.)

This art and design course using as it does a range of 3D graphics and the book as a medium has a wide range of applications. Graduates work as makers in bookbinding, printers in Fine press (Limited Edition), printmakers, illustrators, book designers using the latest computer applications, in art departments for publishers, paper engineering (pop-ups), board-game and package design, book & card production and as exhibiting book artists.

Students have exhibited to acclaim in major galleries and won international awards in France, UK, USA and Holland. This (undergraduate) course has been generally recognised as being the best available in this field. Resources are second to none, fully equipped workshops coupled with experienced staff all of whom practice within their specialism, professionally, (e.g. printmaking is taught by Tessa Holmes, exhibiting printmaker and Visual studies by the artist Daphne Plessner)

Full-time students at the LCC (lcp) ,also have the advantage of being offered a large range of related "bolt-on" courses, free, to enhance their studies. The course is relatively small, targets for each year being only 25. The age range is from 18 years, at present there is a 65/35 ratio women to men. Retention rate is 92% (2002/03). HEFC inspection rating is 22/24. Students come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, e.g. Taiwan, Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Japan and Korea.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the college. For full curriculum details and further information, please contact Mike Brunwin at: m.brunwin@lcp.linst.ac.uk or telephone on 0207 514 6500 (ex.6660) or write to:

UCAS entry codes;
route A Linst L65 WW27 Ba/BArts
Route B Linst L65 EW 27 Ba/BArts

London College of Communication (formally London College of Printing) School of Printing & Publishing, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB
(The London Institute becomes the "University of the Arts,London" in May 2004)

Oxford Brookes University - Evening Classes

These non-vocational classes provide an introduction to bookbinding, examining the techniques, materials and equipment needed to bind and repair books. Traditional methods are considered in conjunction with practical alternatives. Students will achieve an understanding of the requirements and processes involved in producing clean, neat, basic work. Students work at their own pace and are individually tutored.

For further information, please contact:
Ian Ross - Tutor and Organiser, Bookbinding Evening Classes
Oxford Brookes University, School of Arts & Humanities, OXFORD OX3 0BP

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 793083 or e-mail : binding@ianaross.f2s.com

If you would like to advertise your course(s) or tuition services on this page, please send us an e-mail to sales@hewit.com
It is our pleasure to offer this service free of charge

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