Volume 27 - Spring 2009


Product & Company News

New Finishing Stove

We are very pleased to introduce our new finishing stove. Utilising a standard 1-ring Buffalo hot plate, we have designed a very practical and cost effective Finishing Stove that will provide for all your finishing requirements.


  • Single boiling ring with cast iron solid element and stainless steel body
  • Voltage - 230v AC - 50Hz
  • Power consumption - 1500W
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Safety cut-out
  • Neon indicator
  • Six heat settings
  • Continuous temperature adjustment by energy regulator
  • Two profiled stainless steel supports, on a wooden base


£120.00 each - (Finishing Tools not included)

This new stove may be ordered purchased from our online shop.

(subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)

Do you use hot melt glue?
If so the hot-plate would also act as an ideal heat source for a saucepan or bain-marie, and of course we can supply you with a very practicable double boiler

Designer Bookbinders Competition 2008

The annual Designer Bookbinder Competition was judged at the end of October and the award ceremony was held in November at the John Rylands University Library in Manchester.

We are very pleased to announce that the 2008 J. Hewit & Son prize for 'The Interesting Treatment of Leather' was awarded to Andrew Brown of the The Cheshire Bindery, for his beautiful binding of The Ship of Death.

Our warm congratulations go to Andrew.

Following is a piece by Andrew describing the book and its binding.

The Ship of Death Author: D. H. Lawrence
Woodcut engravings by Blair Hughes Stanton
Bound 2008 by Andrew Brown Private Collection, UK

The Ship of Death is a collection of 'Last Poems' by D. H. Lawrence. In his prose Lawrence meditates heavily on the subjects of oblivion, God and death. This is not depressing verse though, moreover it is a celebration of life and humanity, of the unknown God that lives within us and all things. Most definitely not to be confused with religious piety, the work challenges us to realize that we can be at peace if we know that we are being taken care of by the gentleness of the unknown God. The poetry is accompanied by a selection of beautiful and enchanting woodcut engravings by Blair Hughes Stanton, energetic pieces which capture the vibrancy of Lawrence's work wonderfully.

I will end with a sentence from one of my favorites poems, I do feel this sentence encapsulates the main theme of The Ship of Death, it is the opening lines of 'The Hands of God':

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. But it is a much more fearful thing to fall out of them."

With this design I have paid homage to the sublime illustrations by Hughes Stanton without being to obvious but merely hinting at the shapes and movement they possess.

The book is bound in a terracotta goatskin with a relief section of black on the front board. On the front and rear boards are white dancing figures which have been part inlaid and part puckered, which then merge into a coloured area that spans the front and rear boards crossing the spine. This area has multi coloured pieces of leather (reds, blues, yellow, green and purple) mixed with tie-dye leathers of green and blue. All these were then sanded (Lacunosed) to make the image of a face. Around the design is blind tooling emanating outwards and black tooling of stars. The edges are coloured in white, terracotta, orange and black acrylic with complimenting double silk sewn endbands. Inside there are terracotta leather doublures and black suede flyleaves. The book is housed in a black suede lined tray-box which is covered in white cloth and titled on the spine in black.

French paring Knife

In addition to the left/right-handed knife we currently stock, we have added a right-handed version to the range. It is cheaper than the symmetrical version and will suit those who only use their right hands to pare leather!


£24.50 each


This new version and all our other knives may be purchased from our online shop.

(subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)




The Society of Bookbinders

The Gordon Hartley Memorial Fund

A bursary is available to cover the cost of attending the Society of Bookbinders' biennial Conference, which in 2009 will be held at Warwick University, from August 20th-23rd

Applicants should be students of bookbinding who wish to develop their skills further and feel that they would benefit from such an award. Any student may apply, but preference will be given to more mature students. Closing date for applications: April 15th

For more details please refer to the Society's website,
or contact: Angela Sutton, Chairman, Society of Bookbinders, Birmingham Region

18th & 19th Century Decorative Papers

There are 14 beautiful designs from this exciting selection of Western European reproduction end papers. The sheet size is approx 70 x 50cm (short grain). The sheets are produced on 100gsm archival quality cream Oxford paper.

TS04 TS09 TS10 TS11 TS12

TS13 TS14 TS15 TS16 TS17
TS18 TS19 TS20 TS21  


Singles - £3.30/sheet
25 to 49 sheets - £3.00/sheet
50 to 99 sheets £2.78/sheet
100 to 499 sheets £2.55/sheet
500+ sheets £2.33/sheet

(Prices are subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)

These papers may be purchased from our online shop.

French Marble Papers

We bring you a new range of Marble Papers from the exciting French Marbler, JP Dutoya. We will be starting with 6 designs, but hope to expand on the range soon. The sheet size is approx 50 x 65cm (long grain) and the papers are produced on 85gsm Ingres MBM.

Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye
Chevron Marble
French Curl
Oak Leaf


Singles - £9.42/sheet
25 to 49 sheets - £8.86/sheet
50 to 99 sheets £8.59/sheet
100+ sheets £8.31/sheet

(Prices are subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)

These papers may be purchased from our online shop.

Double Boiler

We are pleased to bring you this Double Boiler for Animal Glues, so now there is no need to burn your glue ever again. The stainless steel double boiler is able to fit inside a variety of pots or saucepans, with diameters between 15cm - 20cm (6" - 8"). A Long handle will keep your hands safe and away from the heat of the stove. And if you get fed up melting glue, you could always use it for chocolate!


£21.60 each

The double boiler and glues may be purchased from our online shop.

(subject to shipping and VAT charges where applicable)


Skin Deep - Volume 27 - Spring 2009

Download Skin Deep - Volume 27 in PDF Format