Volume 29 - Spring 2010


Society of Bookbinders

Volunteer Sought

The Society would dearly like to hear from anybody willing to consider taking on the job of Conference Organiser. This biennial conference attracts an international audience of 300+ and is now usually held on university premises.

We seek someone to take on the 2013 event, which seems a long way off, but we start now in the hope of finding someone with a degree of experience in these matters, who can become involved with the 2011 event currently being arranged by David Brown.

This opportunity to see how things currently work should be enormously useful, removing much of the wheel re-invention syndrome we so often go through.

Please, please, do consider if you have the time, inclination and abilities to organise the team who come together to make these fine occasions happen. No Organiser means No Event..... which to put it mildly, would be a shame!

Initial contact to either myself at chairman@societyofbookbinders.com, or to Dave Brown at conf.organizer@societyofbookbinders.com

Other contact details either in the SoB Newsletter or on their website.

(Scared of the thought of being in charge? Do remember that Conference is a team effort.... it has its own Treasurer, administrator, whipper in of the Suppliers, and so on. If tempted to get involved at a less exalted level do, please, let us know.)

Yours in hope,

Tim Gulliford, Chairman.

The Society of Bookbinders is dedicated
to traditional bookbinding
and to the preservation and conservation
of the printed and written word.

Skin Deep - Volume 29 - Spring 2010

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