Volume 34 - Autumn 2012


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Bound By by Nicky Oliver

The British Sign Language Alphabet

The text block contains 26 original printed illustrations of the Sign Language alphabet by Nicky Oliver. Hand printed using an 8 x 5 Adana Printing machine in Studio 2, Barnes. Zerkal White 145gsm (John Purcell Papers). Handset in 18 point Times italic and 12 point Times. Limited edition of 3.

The pink one - Unsupported link stitch with Fraynot board attachments. Secondary sewing. Double core silk end bands. Hand dyed edges. Hand dyed with Hewit's aniline dyes on their Fair Goatskin with offset relief printing and multiple onlays. Foil hand finishing. Leather joints. Hand printed end papers and edge to edge doublures. Finished with a shellac based bookbinding varnish. Book comes with a pink Silvertex covered drop back solander box lined with suedel.

The big hand one - Hand sewn text block with a leather case binding. Hand dyed with Hewit's aniline dyes on their Fair Goatskin; offset relief printing, black line work and foil hand finishing. Hand dyed edges. Single core silk end bands. Hand printed end papers. Finished with a shellac based bookbinding varnish. The book comes with a leather entry slip case.

You can see more of Nicky's work on her web site at www.blackfoxbindery.comk




Bound by Kate Holland

A Book of Mediterranean Food
London: Folio Society. 2005.

The book is covered in hand-dyed turquoise alum-tawed goatskin with circular calf inserts hand-dyed orange through yellow. There is gold tooling, orange sprinkled edges, hand-made paste paper endpapers and multi-coloured hand-sewn silk headbands.

The colours reflect the warm Mediterranean with a blazing sun centre-stage. Using Hewit's alum-tawed goatskin and calfskin allowed her to choose precisely the desired colours and gave a nice contrast in texture.

It was awarded the Hewit's prize for leatherwork in 2006 DB competition and is now in the collection at the Bodleian Library.

Kate is happy to undertake commissions for design bindings.

For further examples of her work please go to www.katehollandbooks.co.uk


Skin Deep - Volume 34 - Autumn 2012

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