Volume 34 - Autumn 2012


Product & Company News

Piercing Points


For many years, we have stocked two points, a 'Bodkin'(76mm x 6.5mm Ø) and a 'Pricker' (60mm x 2.4mm Ø). Recently, we have been asked to stock an intermediate size and are pleased to announce that we are now doing so. The new Awl at 62mm x 3.7mm Ø, slots in between the sizes of the Bodkin and Pricker.

Only £6.00

All three piercing points may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

Thickness Gauges


We are now stocking this new easy-to-use, analogue thickness gauge. The gauge allows for simple, quick and accurate thickness measurements. It

- is ideal for measuring leather and paper
- has a 0-20mm measuring range
- has an easy to read 35mm dial
- can be calibrated by rotating the bezel
- has metric graduations
- is strong and durable, manufactured from metal alloys
- is packaged in a hard plastic case with foam liner for storage

Only £18.50



The design of the Digital Gauge which we started stocking a few years ago has been updated by the manufacturer. Its frame and calipers are now made using cast metal, giving a stronger and more durable product.

Only £24.00

Both of these gauges may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

The New Bookbinder


We are now stocking all available back issues of the Designer Bookbinder's Journal, 'The New Bookbinder'

Only £20.00

The back issues may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges)

Filmolux 610


Filmolux 610 is a glossy, crystal-clear soft-PVC film, 70 µm in thickness. It is suitable for the quick and easy repair of damaged book spines where more involved conservation and restoration techniques may not be practical. It is ideal for application over coloured markings and labels. This new product benefits from an easy to remove backing paper, improved tack, no distortion during use and adjustment, fewer air bubbles and a softer feel.

Available in:
4cm x 50 metre rolls @ £14.93
6cm x 50 metre rolls @ £22.35
10cm x 50 metre rolls @ £37.26

These repair films may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

Headbanding Silk


A beautiful range of size 40 headbanding silks to enable you to sew your own headbands. The Headbanding Silk Thread is available in 21 shades on 30 metre (33 yard)spools.

1-4 spool - £3.00/spool
5-9 spools - £2.85/spool
10-19 spools - £2.70/spool
20+ spools - £2.55/spool

These threads may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

Blank Journals

A5 Journal

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our range of journal blanks to include a white A5 ruled version and an ivory 210mm x 210mm unruled version.

The full range of journal and album blocks can be viewed and ordered online here.

Needle Vice

needle vice

We have been asked to stock a needle vice for use in preparing page sections prior to sewing. We are therefore pleased to bring you this cost effective aluminium vice, which comes with three No.9 needles.

Cost - £5.60 each

The Needle Vice may be ordered Online here


(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

PVA's M155 and M218


Our range of PVA adhesives, M218 and M155 are now being sourced from a new manufacturer. As a result of this, we have been able to negotiate new prices and are pleased to confirm that we have reduced our selling prices by approximately 20%. The full price listings for all our adhesives and glues can be found here


Skin Deep - Volume 34 - Autumn 2012

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