Volume 4 - Autumn 1997


The Company Man

by John Pursey

Another Monday morning and I am off on my travels again! Today I'm heading north in pursuit of more business for the Company (it helps pay the bills!) The first problem of the day is trying to leave the house without waking the rest of the family, not easy for someone who is rarely quiet!

The car is my 'executive' office - complete with all modern technology, radio (handy for the cricket and travel bulletins of course), flask of coffee, paper, pens etc, no lap-top computer or internet (e-mail) connection for me yet!!! I do have the dubious pleasure of having a car phone, hands free of course, which does work from time to time depending on the locality and atmospheric conditions. The phone comes complete with an answering service, which means that I can collect messages when I return to the car after visits to clients or calls of nature, etc. This wonderful car also doubles as a delivery vehicle, although it is rarely on a 'next day' basis - it is more likely to be a 'next visit' basis, which could be several weeks away!

As a person who spends most of his time visiting customers both old and new, I travel up to 35,000 miles a year in pursuit of customer satisfaction and a decent cup of coffee! There are not many main roads on which I have not journeyed along during my travels with the Company, since my area stretches from Lands End to Brighton, Humberside to Aberystwyth and many places in between.

If you ever need to know the way from A to B you could always look at your Road Map or alternatively, you could ask me! But be warned - your directions are unlikely to include road names, since I rarely remember them. I am much more likely to direct you by local landmarks, such as churches, schools, large buildings, etc. or most likely the Public Houses! At this point I think it is important to mention that I am only familiar with the outside of these buildings since I never drink and drive; I tend to spill too much!

The scenery can be very pleasant, but you can also see some very strange and amusing sights on your travels, including:

  • Ladies (or men) putting make-up on while driving
  • Men (not ladies) shaving while driving
  • People reading newspapers
  • Drivers changing their clothes and so on.........
  • Animals both large and small blocking the road
  • People going to the toilet in the strangest of places

and these are just a few of the examples that could possibly be mentioned in this article!

When you make contact with J. Hewit and Sons with problems or moans and groans, it is very likely that I am the one who will be sent as trouble-shooter since I have the broadest shoulders. I will also gladly visit if you wish to discuss your next multi-million pound order - I need plenty of the latter please!

The only problem I have encountered is whilst explaining to non-Bookbinding people that I travel in Leather - well I suppose it does take all sorts!

It has been over 10 years since I joined Hewit's (they must like me) and over 25 years since I started my 5 year apprenticeship in Bookbinding, so I feel quite at ease with any query or problem you may have. So please contact us soon and I may well be knocking on your door (coffee - no sugar please) and will hopefully be able to show you how J. Hewit & Sons' vision of providing good quality customer service and care will benefit all of us well into the next century!


Skin Deep - Volume 4 - Autumn 1997

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