Volume 41 - Spring 2016


Dates for your Diary

*The Grange 4th Annual Book Day, at The Grange, Ellesmere, Shropshire
Saturday, 25th June 2016, 11.00-17.00


A great day out for anyone with a passion for books. Come and visit the Book Bindery and Printing Workshop at the Grange in Ellesmere, Shropshire and find out how beautiful books are made - the traditional way. There will be demonstrations of:

- letterpress printing (Albion, Arab, Eagle and Vandercook presses)
- ADANA printing presses
- hand typesetting
- book sewing
- embossing
- paper marbling
- bookbinding
- calligraphy
- book illustration and art

There will be opportunities to talk to the skilled craftsmen and women who practise these arts, as well as to view some of the beautiful work they have produced. A selection of exhibitors, including J Hewit & Sons Ltd., will be supporting the day and showing their wares:

Further information is available from The Grange web site at

*The Society of Bookbinders Education and Training Seminar 2016
30th June-2nd July 2016, Cirencester

The Society of Bookbinders invite you to join them for their eighth Education & Training Seminar, to be held once again at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester from Thursday 30th June to Saturday 2nd July 2016 - www.rau.ac.uk

The Royal Agricultural University boasts a modern, comfortable and extremely compact campus. In addition to the lectures, there will be an evening of informal demonstrations, a Suppliers'Fair and a fund-raising auction.


George Davidson - Library Style Binding
Glenn Malkin - Straightforward Slip Cases
Mark Cockram - Aspects of Case Binding
Nick Cowlishaw - Covering a Full Leather Binding
Lizzie Neville - An Introduction to Washing and Sizing Treatments to Paper
Julian Thomas - Edge Gilding
Dieter Räder - Dyeing Leather for Rebacks

The Seminar will start on Thursday night beginning with the AGM, followed by Dinner and the Promenade (informal 'show and tell' events). Delegates will be able to see all of the lectures/demonstrations for the day(s) booked.

All the lectures will be projected onto large screens so that close-up work can be clearly seen.

Accommodation will be in ensuite single study bedrooms. Delegates will not have to walk long distances on campus as all facilities are in close proximity.

Suppliers' Fair
As in previous years, companies offering materials, tools and other equipment for bookbinding and related crafts will be an attraction to delegates.The Fair will be held in Boutflour Hall, close to the Conference Hall, where tea and coffee will also be served.

To book and register for this event, please go to the Society's web site at www.societyofbookbinders.com

*The Guild of Book Workers - Standards of Excellence Seminar in Hand Bookbinding 2016
15th-17th September 2016, Charleston

Held annually at a different location around the country, participants attend presentations by leading experts in the fields related to the book and paper arts. Tours of binderies, conservation facilities, rare book libraries and papermaking establishments are regularly arranged in conjunction with the event.

Presentations and Presenters
Betsy Palmer Eldridge - Conservation Treatments Revisited
Chela Metzger & Erin Hammeke - Exploration of History and Techniques for Pennsylvania German Liturgical Bookbinding before 1850
Deborah Evetts - Herrnhuter Paste Papers
Cheryl Jacobsen - Calligraphy

A supplier's trade fair will also be held throughout this event.

Further details and booking information are available from the Guild of Book Workers web site at www.guildofbookworkers.org

Designer Bookbinders - Annual UK Bookbinding Competition

The Set Book 2016
Vita nuova by Dante Alighieri
Translation and Notes by Mark Musa
Introduced by A. N. Wilson
Illustrated by Daniel Egnéus

The Folio edition is 222 x 144mm, 208 pages. Printed in two colours, the book presents the Italian text alongside a facing-page translation by Dante scholar Mark Musa, including integrated mono- and duotone illustrations by Daniel Egnéus.

Dante Alighieri called the Vita nuova (New Life) his libello, or 'little book'. Written between 1292 and 1294, it is the first of Dante's major writings and the essential precursor to his Divine Comedy. An innovative mix of prose and poetry (prosimetron), Vita nuova broke new ground by appearing in Italian rather than the customary Latin. It is a meditation on poetry, and on the torments and joys of love from Dante's blessed happiness. But Vita nuova's powers far transcend the travails of a lovesick youth; Beatrice is gradually revealed as an ethereal rather than an earthly being, while Dante encounters otherworldly figures, including the charming Love himself. Dante describes Beatrice as one who is through all ages blessed; 750 years after the author's birth, Vita nuova still sings today.

To obtain a copy of the 2016 set book and entry details to the competition
send your payment by cheque (made payable to Designer Bookbinders) to:
Lester Bath
25 Ffordd Ffrydlas
Bethesda, Bangor
Gwynedd, LL57 3BL

Please email Lester Bath - lbath@phonecoop.coop for bank transfer instructions if you are unable to pay by cheque. The cost of the set book is £20 to Members and £25 for non-members to include packing, postage and entrance fee.

Every entrant must bind the set book but we welcome open-choice books and artist's books. We expect the closing date for entries will be during the last half of October 2016. The Annual UK Bookbinding Competition is sponsored by Designer Bookbinders and The Folio Society and is open to anyone resident in the UK with the exception of Fellows of Designer Bookbinders - Charity registration No. 282018

The OPEN • SET competition 2016


The Competition - The OPEN • SET competition is a NEW triennial competition that formed in response to the burgeoning interest and palpable momentum in finely crafted design book bindings in the United States. Sponsored in part by the American Academy of Bookbinding, it is designed to encourage both new binders and professionals. OPEN • SET offers prizes and acknowledgement in two categories: Participants may choose to bind the SET book or a book of their choice, the OPEN category. Entries are limited to one book per category. Binders from all levels and cultures are invited to participate, as the competition is not limited to citizens of the United States nor to students or affiliates of the AAB. All entries will be reviewed by a blind jury of three professional binders. Jurors will be announced in November of 2015.

The Exhibition - is intended to be a recognition of the beauty of the craft and a commitment to the public toward a better understanding of this art form. The exhibition will showcase 50 books and will recognize excellence in craftsmanship and design concept interpretation. Each venue may offer an Opening Reception as well as a People's Choice Award, encouraging viewers to cast their vote for the binding they find most intriguing in both the OPEN and the SET categories.

A bibliophile is a lover of books and everyone loves books! Bibliophiles recognize that working together as a community makes The Book more visible in the eye of the public. This competition and exhibition is an attempt to gather bibliophiles with the public and together celebrate finely crafted books. The exhibition will travel across the United States. Book enthusiasts who visit the exhibit will walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of a well made and artistically designed book.

Further information on prizes, registration, timelines, and entry information can may be found on the AABA web site at - bookbindingacademy.org
for additional information and questions, please contact Exhibition Coordinator, Lang Ingalls at lang@langingalls.com

2017 Australian National Conference of Bookbinders

Australian Bookbinder

It is now only just over 12 months till the 2017 bookbinding conference in Canberra. It promises to be inspiring, exciting and most enjoyable. Binders from all places are talking about it, from Europe to the Americas and of course Australia and New Zealand. So don't forget the date - 25th till 27th March 2017. This is an event for all binders: those who are just starting out; those who are a bit experienced; and the professional binder.

What will be happening? There will be demonstrations of various binding techniques by Australian and overseas binders; information about leather - what is best for binders to achieve the results we all crave; ways to house our beautiful bindings; inspirations on endpapers; etc. etc. There will be trade tables offering a variety of leathers, papers, tools and lots more that will become essentials for our collections.

The programme and registration will be out mid-year. You can expect an exciting and stimulating few days.

Make a note in the diary NOW!
25th-27th March 2017
Anne Harding Conference Centre
University of Canberra

Designer Bookbinders 3rd International Bookbinding Competition 2017


J. Hewit & Sons will have a stand at the event(s) marked '*'. If you would like us to bring specific items for you to purchase, please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.

Skin Deep - Volume 41 - Spring 2016

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