Volume 49 - Spring 2020


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Bound by Benjamin Elbel

By George Orwell
Published by the Folio Society, 2014
Bound for the 2015 Designer Bookbinders Competition and awarded first price for forwarding.
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Traditional laced-on boards structure with multiple onlays of plain and embossed black Hewit bookcalf and blue boxcalf. The design was inspired by architecture and gives the feel of a totalitarian state.

Benjamin Elbel is based in Amsterdam and provides bookbinding services, training and products for bookbinders. For more details get in touch at ben@elbel-libro.com or visit the website www.elbel-libro.com


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Published by the Alecto Historical Editions

The Millennium Edition is the complete text of the Domesday survey of William the Conqueror's kingdom in a limited edition of 450 perfect facsimile copies. It is bound in a replica of the earliest known Domesday binding (the Winton Domesday) and very few copies remain. This is the de-luxe edition which includes companion volumes and maps which help bring to life this fascinating part of our heritage.

The two-volume facsimile of Great Domesday, is bound in Hewit's brown embossed EI calfskin to the 12th Century design of the Winton Domesday (which is one of only thirteen known English Romanesque bindings that have survived).

Further information on this and other limited facsimile editions from Addison Publications may be found on their web site at www.addisonpublications.com.


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Skin Deep - Volume 49 - Spring 2020

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