Volume 49 - Spring 2020


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Smoke Sponge

smoke sponge

These dry cleaning sponges effectively remove soot and smoke damage from wallpaper, painted metal and wood surfaces, fabrics and a variety of other surfaces. They are widely used for clean-up operations following fire damage, but the cleaning applications for these versatile sponges continue to grow.

- Dimensions: 152mm x 76mm x 45mm
- Ideal for cleaning dry soiling of stone and hard surfaces
- Use dry, as you would a pencil eraser, dry cleaning sponges leave no residue
- Can be used on fabrics where solvent or wet cleaning is not desired or possible
- Conservators use them for dry cleaning of books and paper, particularly for dust and dry mould
- Quickly remove dust, lint and hair from fabrics, carpets, curtains and more

Smoke sponges are made from vulcanized natural rubber. They can be washed in cold water, using a little soap, but must be thoroughly air-dried before reusing.

Price: £5.90 each

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The New Bookbinder


We are now stocking the latest offering of Designer Bookbinder's Journal, 'The New Bookbinder'

Only £45.00

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Jemma Lewis Marble Paper

We are delighted to announce that we have added six new designs to this beautiful range of hand-made marble papers. The 6 new designs are all long-grain and the sheet sizes are approx. 50 x 77cm (long-grain).

Blue Wave
Red with Gold Vein
Blue with Copper Vein
Green with Copper Vein
Black with Silver Vein

Singles - £10.97/sheet
25 to 49 sheets - £10.32/sheet
50 to 99 sheets - £10.00/sheet
100 to 499 sheets - £9.68/sheet
500+ sheets - £9.35/sheet

These new papers may be purchased online by clicking here

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Society of Bookbinders Journal 2019


Arthur Green: Ethiopian Facsimile Binding
Christopher Harvey: Changing Structures, Working Books
Glenn Malkin: Airbrushing for the Artistically Challenged
Brian Cole: Cedric Chivers and the Duro-flexile Library Binding
Mylyn McColl & Marie Doinne: Competition 2019
Kathy Sedar: Redesigning the Medieval Book
Kathy Abbott: A Tomorrow's Past-style Limp Vellum Binding
Jenny Ollerenshaw: The Digital Blade
Peter Jones: Inwards Where All the Battle Is
Richard Beadsmoore: Video Review: An Introduction to Traditional Gold Tooling


Only £18.00

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PVA M289


Our new PVA M289, replaces both the previous M155 and M218 products. This new PVA is a general all-purpose bookbinding and leathergoods adhesive and is suitable for use on leather, cloth, paper, board and wood. It is also suitable for Conservation Work as the dried adhesive film delaminates in the presence of water.

Available in 4 sizes, 1kg pots, 5kg jugs, 12.5kg buckets and 25kg drums.

Pricing and discount structure may be viewed online here


Skin Deep - Volume 49 - Spring 2020

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