Volume 5 - Spring 1998


Letters & Feedback

Leather Dressing

I have been advised that the debate about feeding the leather of old books has 'hotted' up again. (Some authorities believe that anything does more harm than good.) We would welcome a discussion in your newsletter........

Mr. Otwin Bock, Cape Town, South Africa

Editor's Note - Do any of our readers have a view on the above. Although as a rule J. Hewit and Sons prefer to avoid involvement in discussions of this nature, we would be delighted to air the views of our readers through these pages.


I am a small bookbinder with a BIG problem. I have been purchasing from you the 50g skeins of Linen Thread. However, I have lost count of the number of skeins I have wrecked whilst trying to extract the individual strands of thread prior to sewing. I always seem to get into a terrible tangle and end up with one large, unusable knot of Linen Thread. I know that the thread is also available on 250g cops, but I would much prefer to use the traditional method and besides, I am not one to give up so easily!!

I can not believe that I am the only binder to be faced with this terrible predicament!! So, please, please issue us poor helpless binders with some instructions on how to use a skein of thread!!

Abel N. Willing, Knotty Ash

Editor's Response

Mr. Willing, your wish is our command. Fred Platt, our in-house expert has some advice for you. 'Tip of the day'

On a more serious note, if any of you would like to share with our other readers any useful tips that you may have, please write in to us.


Skin Deep - Volume 5 - Spring 1998

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