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New School Opens in Wiltshire

Book Camp

With opportunities to study bookbinding in a formal way constantly in demand, it's always good to know when new ones emerge. Such a venture is launching this summer at a beautiful bindery in rural Wiltshire. The venue is the purpose-built workshop in the grounds of Philippa and Dieter Räder's home in Highworth near Swindon. Dieter has built a really stunning space, very well equipped with plenty of room for students.

Joining them in this newly founded school are Dominic Riley and Michael Burke. All four are well known in the bookbinding world as teachers and conference speakers.

It is called Book Camp, and there's a clue in the name: participants are invited to pitch their tents in the grounds of the house, bringing a unique Summer Camp feel to the event (and, of course, saving students a considerable sum on accommodations costs). It's a lovely sheltered spot with plenty of flat lawn, so it should be a lot of fun.

Four two-day workshops are planned, with a day off in the middle set aside for special trips. The evenings will be spent having dinner together, enjoying informal presentations and, of course, sitting around the camp fire talking books. In other words, it will be an immersive experience and a welcome addition to our bookbinding year.

Read more about Book Camp here: www.bookcamp.org.uk

Designer Bookbinders Masterclass Series 2018

Designer Bookbinders

The Autumn 2018 season of DB Masterclasses is now available for booking. Each Masterclass will be held at the St Bride bindery in Central London with a maximum class size of only 6 students.

Dominic Riley - 'Knife Sharpening, Leather Paring and Covering'
29th-30th September 2018
This workshop will focus on several techniques for working with leather. First we will look at knife sharpening, comparing different approaches. Then we will practice paring leather using the machine, the spoke shave and the knife. We will produce thinly pared strips useful for joints and onlays, thin down a large piece of leather, and edge pare the turn-ins for a cover. We will finish by covering a panel, concentrating on accurate edges and neat corners.

Dominic specialises in restoration and Design Binding. He was elected Fellow of DB in 2008 and in 2013 won first prize in the International Bookbinding competition. He teaches widely, both in the UK, across Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, and each summer in the USA. He co-founded the bookbinding program at the San Francisco Center for the Book, the SoB/DB joint workshops, and the SoB Seminar. He currently serves as president of the Society of Bookbinders.
Cost: £200 Materials cost: TBA

Andrew Brown - 'Decorative and Creative Leatherworking'
20th-21st October 2018
Leather is a fantastic medium for creative expression and its qualities of subtle and ostentatious manipulation are boundless. In this Masterclass, we will sharpen our paring knives, make sure we have plenty of spare No.10A Swann-Morton scalpel blades, a Brockman/Scharf-Fix machine to the ready, spirit dyes and paste and plenty of sandpaper of variable grit - and determination. Please bring enthusiastic experimentation and excitement.

Andrew Brown serendipitously discovered bookbinding in 1989 and endured a protracted apprenticeship with Paul Delrue throughout the 90's, which was as enlightening as it was ridiculous. After 16yrs of selfemployment as Artisan Bindery, he now works for a commercial bookbinders, Deanprint in Stockport. Andrew has won most of the DB annual competition prizes (apart from the Elizabeth Greenhill and Ash Lettering awards), and has design bindings in private and public collections worldwide.
Cost: £200 Materials cost: TBA

Midori KunikataCockram - 'Hako Chitsu (box Case)'
10th-11th November 2018
During this Masterclass students will make the traditional Japanese hinged box case. This style of box provides ideal storage for various sizes and shapes of books and papers. The basic construction is a wrap-around enclosure with a 4 sided box and it contains a lift out tray. Once students learn this style of box making, the method can be adapted to wrap-around case making.

Midori Kunikata-Cockram, born in Tokyo, living in the UK since 1996, graduated from the BA Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo and Guildford College of Technology where she studied fine Bookbinding and Conservation. She opened the 'Jade Bookbinding Studio', London, in 1997, where she provides private tuition and works on commissioned and personal projects. Midori was elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2007.
Cost: £200 Materials cost: TBA

Terms & conditions and further information can be found at: www.designerbookbinders.org.uk

Payment can be made by cheque or Debit/Credit card.
To book a place please contact Wendy Hood at secretary@designerbookbinders.org.uk or telephone 01225 342793

Bookbinding Workshops with Doug Mitchell

HF Holidays, Dovedale, Peak District
22nd-26th October 2018 - Next step bookbinding (Intermediate)
Bookings through their website

Joint DB/SoB Workshop series 2018

Society of Bookbinders

Designer Bookbinders

The DB/SoB Joint Workshop Series for 2018 has places available to book. The workshops take place over a weekend usually from 10am to 5pm with suitable breaks. The fee for each workshop is £150 plus a charge for materials provided by the tutor and payable 'on the day'.

Mastering Miniatures
30th June - 1st July 2018
Nesta Davies

Information about all the courses can be seen on the DB website here: www.designerbookbinders.org.uk

To book a place please contact Sarah Burnett-Moore: jointworkshops@gmail.com

Bookbinding Workshop with Juliayn Coleman
at the historic Sunset Lodge on Lake Damariscotta, Maine.

In this hands-on workshop, we will make one simple non-adhesive book each day. The structures will range from the earliest binding styles to contemporary, and they are geared towards beginner through intermediate skill levels. In addition to the binding, we will explore at least three different ways to decorate paper for the covers of our books: paste paper, suminagashi, and plant printing. The goal is to create a harmonious set of beautiful books, learn simple structures that you can take home and repeat on your own, and let your creative mind explore the medium of book binding.

In late March, more enhanced information about the workshop will be posted on sunsetlodgeworkshops.com/hand-bookbinding

$1600. for each student + $100. materials fee. Includes private room, 3 home-cooked meals each day, 5 days of handbookbinding instruction, and the use of canoes, kayaks, and sailboats.
Workshop space is limited to 12 Hand Bookbinding students.
A list of bookbinding tools and what to bring will be sent upon registration.

Contact and to register: Noah Kahn: sunsetlodgeonlakedamariscotta@gmail.com or +1 510 427 0297

Decorated Paper and Bookbinding Workshops, Turin, Italy

Decorated Paper and Bookbinding Workshops
6th October, 13th October, 20th October and 27th October 2018

TEC Presents Decorated Paper and Bookbinding in Association with Bottega Fagnola
Cisterna d'Asti - near the Langhe - Roero UNESCO world Heritage site
Workshop focus: Hands-on preparation of materials such as decorated papers and bookbindings, based on historical models, as well as the preparation of the specific tools and materials (ex: combs, pigments and colours); understanding of the processes involved in these productions.
Appropriate for: all levels of practitioners are welcome, max. 12 participants
Tutor: Paola Fagnola
Workshop structure - The workshop is divided in to two parts. In the first part of the workshop you will learn about making decorated paper and in the second part of the workshop we will teach you the skills of bookbinding.
Making Decorated Paper - As students preparing to marble paper in the first part of the workshop you, will be guided through the processes of both traditional decorated paper making, and marbled paper making. You will experiment with historical patterns for marbling paper including: spotted, combed, waved, curl, peacock. You will explore how to make paste and decorated papers (sprinkled, stained etc.) using your fingers and tools. You will learn about historical recipes and colour preparation, and how to replicate these with modern materials when the original materials are no longer available. You will create samples for each technique and learn how to make variations using tools, materials and patterns.

Bookbinding books being prepared for restoration
The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to bookbinding. You will learn about several bookbinding models including: pamphlets, wrappers, limp bindings, or rigid paper cases. You will have the opportunity to replicate some of these processes.

The workshop will include 6 days of workshop taught in English on:
- Paper decoration techniques
- Marbled paper making
- Bookbinding techniques

Materials included (recipe instructions, diagrams on [executive] techniques, bibliographical references)

- 7 night accommodation with breakfast in the picturesque village of Cisterna d'Asti, (double occupancy rooms, walking distance to the studio) - 5 dinner; 7 lunch - Wine-tasting and wine story telling in a historical winery - 2 sightseeing afternoons around the beautiful UNESCO heritage area

Upon request we can offer the following activities:
- Bike tours with a local guide
- Cooking class followed by dinner
- Horse back riding

The workshop will be taught by Paola Fagnola a book and paper conservator.

Further information is available at - www.turineducational.org

Bookbinding and Conservation Workshops at Green's Books, Oxfordshire

Workshops are in small groups of around four people, and held at the well-equipped studio in Oxfordshire, offering step-by-step tuition in various bookbinding and conservation techniques. Tea/coffee, handouts and materials are included (unless otherwise stated).

Introduction to Bookbinding

Springback binding
Summer 2018 - date TBC - please ask for details (5 days)
Patented in 1799 by John & Joseph Williams the springback soon became a popular style of stationery binding because of its robust covers and ability to open flat. They survive in vast numbers in our libraries and archives, however few are familiar with how they are bound. On this five day course you will learn all of the operations that go into making this unique binding, from folding sheets and sewing the text-block, to making the spring and lever, and then on to the split-boards and finally covering. With step-by-step guidance this workshop is suitable for all abilities.

For further details, please contact Arthur Green, Green's Books
3 Drayton House Court, Drayton St Leonard, Oxford, OX10 7BG
07921457174 - arthur@greensbooks.co.uk - www.greensbooks.co.uk

Workshops and Events in Italy

Professione Libro

The "Tomorrow's Past" Concept - Masterclass - Summer residential workshop
Monte Mesma, Ameno 9th-14th July 2018

On this intensive five-day course, we will introduce the Tomorrow's Past concept by re-creating two of Kathy Abbott's book- structures for previous Tomorrow's Past exhibitions: the Clip-on-cover binding and the Sacred binding. These modern conservation binding structures are very durable, fully reversible and allow the text-block to open completely flat. Then as a group, we will examine and diagnose the problems of your own antiquarian books in need of repair or rebinding, before exploring different ways of creating new, modern conservation book structures for them. You will examine different book structures previously created for Tomorrow's Past exhibitions and then you will learn to make maquettes to trial your own structural ideas. Following this, you will begin the process of repairing and stabilising your text-block, ready for its new conservation binding. Previous bookbinding experience is essential: you must either have experience in restoration/conservation AND/OR have made several types of book structures (adhesive and non-adhesive). This course is not suitable for beginners.
860 EUR materials included
Tutor: Kathy Abbott

See the workshop on the Professione Libro website here.

For further information, to see the course outlines and full bookbinding programme
visit www.professionelibro.it on +39 02 3944 5640 or info@professionelibro.it


City Lit Bookbinding - Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA

Spring Term and Summer Programmes

Taster Days:
17th June 2018 course code VD278
Sunday 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Nesta Davies

Wooden Boarded Binding
15th - 29th June 2018 (3 weeks)
Course code VD316
Fri 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Royston Haward

Gold tooling on paper
9th-12th July 2018
Course code VD412
Mon - Thu 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Tracey Rowledge

Bookbinding: fold, sew and stamp; book arts for beginners
14th-15th July 2018
Course code:VD306
Sat & Sun 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Sue Doggett

Hand marbled paper
16th-18th July 2018
Course code VD402
Mon - Wed 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Royston Haward

Dyeing cloth for bookbinding
16 -18 July 2018
Course code VD404
Mon- Wed 18.30-21.30
Tutors: Ina Baumeister, Lara Mantell

Decorative techniques for leather
19th-20th July 2018
Course code VD403
Thu & Fri 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Ina Baumeister

Leather-jointed endpapers: structure and technique workshop
23rd July 2018
Course code VD406
Mon 18.30-21.30
Tutor: Gavin Moorhead

Block your own label in leather or cloth
24 July 2018
Course codes VD407 /VD408
Tue 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00
Tutor: Peter Spain

Bookbinding: paper conservation workshop
24th July 2018
Course code: VD294
Tues 18.30-21.30
Tutor: Gavin Moorhead

Visible stitches, spectactular spines: experiments in exposed sewing
25th-27th July 2018
Course code VD409
Mon-Wed 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Sue Doggett

Beginning Miniature Bookbinding
11th-12th August 2018
Course code VD410
Sat & Sun 10.30-16.30
Tutor: Royston Haward

For further information, to see the course outlines and full bookbinding programme visit www.citylit.ac.uk
Enrolments: 020 7831 7831 - infoline@citylit.ac.uk
For other enquiries, please contact visualarts@citylit.ac.uk

The Grange, Grange Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire

The Grange

Bookbinding - Exploring the Magic and Functionality of Case Binding
20th-23rd September 2018
with Jim MacWilliams
Techniques for simple cloth binding repairs and alternative styles of case-binding.

Letterpress Printing - Cards & Calendars
20th-23rd September 2018
with Ken Burnley and Jon Ward-Allen

Bookbinding - Off-boards Binding
25th-28th October 2018
with Glenn Malkin

Further details are available from www.thegrange.uk.com

Payhembury Workshops

Scottish Borders

One-to-one or two-to-one tuition in a private studio located in a beautiful rural setting in the Scottish Borders: close to Berwick on Tweed with easy access by road or rail.

Personal tuition from an award winning craftsman! All tuition tailored to suit the skills level of the individual student. If there is a particular technique or a skill you are looking to develop or improve, or if you are a complete beginner taking your first steps into the art & craft of this ancient discipline, contact Mark Ramsden via bookmanconservation.co.uk, or call 01361 882028 or e-mail me bookman@btinternet.com.

Otter Education - Classes in Winchester and Midhurst, UK

Otter Education

Whether you're looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there's nothing more important than being taught by an experienced Arts && Crafts Instructor. Marysa de Veer has been offering her services to people of all ages since 1993, and is here to give you the personalised attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.

Please visit her web site to view the full range of tuition options available.

Teaching Opportunities at the London Centre for Book Arts

Come and teach at the LCBA! The centre is looking to add more workshops to their schedule. If you have an idea for a workshop to teach at the Centre, please let them know by filling in the form on their web site.

You can see examples of their current workshops at londonbookarts.eventbrite.co.uk

Questions? Get in touch with Simon at simon@londonbookarts.org

The Maureen Duke Educational Award

The Norie Trust is a small charitable trust based in the South West of England. The Trust funds various projects, many of which are associated with literature and the arts. The Trust also assists community-based projects which aim to improve the quality of people's lives.

The Trust has generously offered the Society funds of £2,000 a year for the next 5 years to fund an educational award to assist professionals in the book field. The Trust wishes to recognise Maureen Duke's inspirational teaching and dedication to education and the award will therefore be known as The Maureen Duke Educational Award.

The recipient of the award each year should be a bookbinder, book conservator, book restorer or book artist who has worked professionally in the U.K. for the last two years prior to the award. They should be intending to continue to work professionally, preferably in the UK.

SoB's Education & Training Task Force has been asked by the Trust to administer the award and after discussion it has been agreed that the award panel will consist of the Chair of the Society, Chair of E&T and Maureen herself. The applicant will be required to submit the following:
- Hand written letter of application
- CV
- A brief outline of the nature of study wishing to be undertaken, indicating how this will enhance their work, and their plans for the future
- Full Breakdown of costs - fees, travel and subsistence
- Images of work completed in the 2 years prior to application
- Two references

The recipient will be required to write a report of their study and experience gained for others in the field.

Applications should be sent to: Claire Redfern, 21 Moat Way, Goring by Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4DR.

An Introduction to Bookbinding with Mark Cockram at Studio 5, London

Case Binding

Rationale - This module develops the students' ability to use basic materials such as cloth and a number of machine made papers. It will allow students the opportunity to explore differing adhesives and covering techniques in the production of case bindings.

- to develop hand skills related to paper and cloth work and hand foil work
- to enhance professional skills, awareness and responsibility
- to stimulate creativity in design
- to develop awareness of choice of suitable styles

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable styles of case binding
- fold sections
- be familiar with various sewing techniques
- forward the book to the required standard
- make a case binding including the use of modern design techniques

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 5 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a good standard and understand the reasons for their use. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Bradel Binding

Rationale - This module develops an awareness of strength and structure specific to this type of binding. It will give students the opportunity to work with leather and apply the relevant techniques involved in the production of the disappearing spine Bradel binding.

- to introduce the student to leather binding and manipulation
- to identify the correct materials specific to the binding style
- to understand the need for and limitations of the binding style
- to apply the relevant techniques
- to assess the suitability of the binding style

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable text blocks in need of this structure
- forward the book to the required standard
- make a Bradel binding including the use of modern design techniques

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 1 finished item of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a good standard and understand the reasons for their use. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Box and Enclosure Making

Rationale - This module is intended to develop the students ability in making 3 styles of boxes for the books made during the 2 previous modules. The student will be able to select and use suitable materials and incorporate style and design ideas.

- to identify the correct materials specific to the box style and use
- to explore design and material manipulation
- to apply the relevant techniques
- to understand internal measuring

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable box styles and construction methods
- apply the techniques for making boxes including a two tray drop back box
- apply techniques suitable for various uses

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 3 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise design, process and protection. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Artist's Book or Complete Book (Option A)

Rationale - This module is intended to develop the students' ability to explore print, book manipulation and creative journeys with the book.

- to identify differing print techniques
- to explore the book as a means of artistic and social expression
- to apply the relevant techniques, working practices and mediums

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable print techniques and mixed media
- forward the book to the required standard and manipulate as required
- to understand the relationship of the artist and the book

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 2 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise working processes. The Module is delivered over 6 days with some materials included. Fee £700

Introduction to Contemporary Bradel Design Binding (Option B)

Rationale - The Introduction to Contemporary Bradel Design Binding gives students the opportunity to make a Design Binding using contemporary and traditional techniques and materials.

- to expand existing skills and techniques whilst learning relevant traditional skills
- to explore Design Binding with contemporary arts practices
- to apply the relevant techniques, working practices and mediums

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable construction methods - forward the book to the required standard and manipulate as required - to boldly go where no one has been before

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 2 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise working processes. The Module is delivered over 14 days with basic materials included. Fee £1,400

The STUDIO 5 BEGINNERS COURSE is delivered in 3 modules of six days each. Upon successful completion the student will be issued with a Studio 5 Certificate. The fee is £2,100.00 per person. The fee covers all tuition, hand tool use, workshop equipment as required and materials as outlined in the module information. A 50% non returnable deposit is required to confirm booking, full payment being made no less than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. The modules can be delivered in a block or days to suit the individual student. Two further modules, options A and B are individually priced.

To book a place or for more information please contact us at:
Mark Cockram
Studio Five
First Floor The Mews
46-52 Church Road
Barnes, London, SW13 0DQ
Tel: 0208 563 2158 e-mail: studio5bookarts@aol.co.uk

Workshops & Short Courses at the Black Fox Bindery in North London

Nicky Oliver offers a range of courses and workshops at Black Fox Bindery from beginners bookbinding and box-making to advanced book design classes such as leather dyeing techniques and onlay work. Nicky can also tailor classes to your requirements. All materials and equipment are provided.

Please contact her on nicky@blackfoxbindery.com or 07929 549 140 for details and bookings.

North Bennet Street School, Boston, MA - Full-time Bookbinding Program
plus Workshops and Short Courses

WorkshopsEstablished in 1986, this popular two-year program attracts students who share a passion for books and materials, problem-solving, the creative process and working with their hands to make, restore and preserve books and other printed cultural treasures. Students learn fundamental bookbinding techniques including tool use and modification, non-adhesive bindings, cloth and paper bindings of various styles, edition binding and an introduction to book repair and conservation. The second year provides a comprehensive examination of leather bindings, decorative tooling and finishing and re-backing and repair of leather bindings. Advanced paper treatments including washing and deacidification and other conservation procedures are covered. In addition to the full-time program, the school offers one-week and longer short courses in bookbinding, calligraphy, paper marbling and more.

For more information go to: www.nbss.edu

Alan Fitch - A Binder of Books and A Teacher of Bookbinding, in Powys, Wales

There are available a variety of courses, which run throughout the year, offering the opportunity to learn in an idyllic location and relaxed atmosphere. With only a maximum of three people on any one course, tuition is on a very personal level, with each student having their own work station and all tools and materials supplied.

The courses run from Monday - Friday (9 - 5). Over the period of the course you will be guided through all the aspects of bookbinding, relevant to each course. There are at present four courses available:

Basic Course - This course has been designed for the beginner and covers all the basics of binding a book.

Refresher/Repair Course - This course is designed for the student who :
- Has completed the Basic Course but would like to spend more time developing their basic skills before moving on to finer things.
- Has had some experience in the past of binding a case bound, round and backed book but would like to refresh their skills.
- Would like to develop their skills in repairing old cloth cased books.

Full Leather Course - This course is for the person who wants to develop their bookbinding skills and progress to binding in leather.

2 Day Bookmaking Course - This course has been designed to allow you to spend two days making a variety of types and styles of book, none of which require any specialist equipment or tools.

Accommodation is available

For further detail please telephone +44 (0)1938 590733, email abinderofbooks@gmail.com
or view the web site at www.abinderofbooks.co.uk

The School for Bookbinding Arts, Winchester, VA

The school is committed to providing quality training in the craft of hand bookbinding. Its ongoing series of two-day workshops is designed to teach techniques that are immediately useful to the student as well as to create a solid foundation of skills for further bookbinding study. The curriculum includes both basic and advanced courses that are geared toward the needs of book dealers, collectors and anyone interested in learning the art of hand bookbinding. Each workshop features demonstrations of the techniques being taught coupled with ample supervised practice time for the student. A complete package of printed notes accompanies each of the workshops to aid the student in assimilating the body of information being presented.

Workshops are taught in the studios of Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding near Winchester, Virginia. Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding is a fully operational hand bookbinding and book restoration facility established in 1991 by Jill Deiss. Instructors for THE SCHOOL FOR BOOKBINDING ARTS include Jill Deiss, Dee Evetts, Susan McCabe and Bill Deiss.

Foundation Level Course

Beginning Cloth Binding Restoration: This course teaches a wide variety of skills that are immediately useful for the repair of cloth bindings and also serves as a foundation for later courses. Techniques taught include: repairing damaged corners, endcaps and joints on cloth bindings; toning of discolorations; and minor paper repair techniques. Limited to 9 students. $235

Beginning Leather Binding Restoration: Students will learn various treatments for leather bindings including repairs for damaged corners, endcaps, and joints. Also included are techniques for polishing and improving the condition of leather surfaces. $235

Advanced Cloth Binding Restoration: Learn the professional technique for restoring a cloth binding using original boards and spine. Requires Beginning Cloth Binding Restoration for participation. Limited to 7 students. $235

Advanced Leather Binding Restoration: The leather reback is the companion repair to the cloth reback but for leather bindings. All portions of the original binding are retained in this professional restoration. Techniques for thinning and paring leather will be featured in this workshop. Requires Beginning Leather Binding Restoration for participation. Limited to 7 students. $235

New Cloth Bindings: Two styles of new bindings will be taught to enable students to put covers on books that have lost their original bindings. Introduction to book titling will be featured as well as methods for endsheet attachment. Limited to 9 students. $235

Clamshell Box Construction: Students will learn the craft of creating custom-fit clamshell boxes. Limited to 9 students. $235

Paper Marbling [Beginning & Advanced]: Students will learn many traditional marbled patterns as well as how to set up their own marbling studios. Inquire for course fee.

Further information from:
email: info@cattailrun.com

The Artworks, Halifax, Yorkshire

Printmaking and Bookbinding

Please visit their web site for a full list of available courses.

"All of our workshops offer the highest quality tuition in a relaxed, welcoming, open and conducive atmosphere. Our workshops are structured, providing you with the necessary skills and techniques to master the craft and are flexible too, allowing you to work on different projects from traditional to contemporary. You can work at your own pace and all materials and tools are provided at the class to get you going."

Further information is available from www.theartworks.org.uk

CBL Ascona, Switzerland

The Association centro del bel libro in Ascona is the parent institution of an internationally known and recognised technical school with the specialised areas of Bookbinding and Design and Book and Paper Conservation. The Association exists for the continued development and ever higher qualification of its instructors in both areas. Competitions and exhibitions help inform the public about their activities and expand public awareness of the book. The Association makes it possible for experts in related fields and for interested laypeople to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the book through special courses of instruction. The Association is a not for profit organisation. Its departments assure the smooth functioning of the school and an especially well organised office assists course participants with their stay in Ascona. The Directorate, among other duties, is charged with attracting new supporting members for the Association to ensure the continued work and development of the School. Should you be in agreement with the stated goals of the Association - we would be pleased to welcome you as a new member!

Department of Bookbinding and Design - The study areas of Bookbinding and Design offer discerning bookbinders the opportunity of technical and creative challenges. Course participants have the opportunity to further their qualifications through learning internationally recognised methods and techniques, are able to hone their skills and increase their knowledge, evaluate themselves and be inspired by colleagues. They will exchange ideas and find paths in creativity and through self reflection; paths which open up by being away from job demands and daily stress, away from routine, and the pressures of time and expectations of productivity. The annually changing course offerings are continually enhanced by timely developments to expand students depth of understanding. They include classic hand bookbinding techniques, such as the French full leather binding, the Bradel technique, as well as hand gilding. Another area of program concentration is the contemporary design of bookbindings, in which design, technique and material complement each other and fulfil the functional and qualitative aspects of a book.

Department of Book and Paper Conservation - The study of book and paper conservation at the centro del bel libro ascona assures further education specifically for book and paper restorers and delivers timely, inclusive and internationally recognised competencies in theory and practical applications. Scientific bases of restoration, restoration ethics, as well as documentation and decision making are encouraged and fostered in order to increase the knowledge of course participants in these areas. The opportunity to engage in dialogue in related disciplines, support and evaluation of innovation, and most of all development of practical skills to assure correct restoration and conservation measures - all are addressed in this context. The exchange of ideas among experts, and the addition of highly specialised guest lecturers provide the best conditions for exploring all relevant subjects in depth. Highly qualified teachers, a pleasant study and work environment, course participants from countries world wide, and the much renowned southern joie de vivre facilitate learning, ignite the desire to learn and communicate, and reward the student with improved self confidence. Building on these facts, it becomes an easy task to develop conventions for the protection of our cultural heritage, the book - a task which the centro del bel libro ascona has set itself and which it fulfils.

Further information regarding courses programs can be found on the schools web site at: www.cbl-ascona.ch

If you have a listing that you would like included on this page,
please let us know by e-mail to sales@hewit.com
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