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The American Academy of Bookbinding, Telluride, CO


Introduction To Bookbinding, Level 1
13th-17th April 2020

with Lang Ingalls

If you have never taken a bookbinding class before, this is the class for you. This is a one-week class devoted to the fundamental building blocks of bookbinding; it is an introduction to the binding of books into cloth and paper covers.

Starting at the very beginning, students will learn about paper grain, cutting and folding, making and sewing the signature and producing a pamphlet binding. From there they will expand to multi-signature sewing and case binding. Introduction to the essential tools of the trade will be covered. Students will learn techniques, tricks and habits that will prepare them to progress to the next level or to practice and explore on their own at home. The marvels of paper, the details of sewing, the characteristics of an attractive book cover and more are taught in this class.

I'm not sure I ever expected bookbinding to become more than an intriguing afterthought in my mind, but through my time at the American Academy of Bookbinding, I found a taste of what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Fundamentals / Intermediate Fine Leather Binding
4th-15th May 2020

with Don Glaister

This is an entry-level fine leather binding class, required for both the Fine Binding and the Integrated Studies Diploma Programs, as well as an intermediate class for continuing Fine Binding students. Over the course of two weeks, students will learn and develop an understanding of traditional bookbinding techniques, interpreted for the twenty-first century.

The focus of the class will be on learning and reinforcing sound leather bookbinding techniques with special emphasis on aesthetic choices available to the modern binder.

All students will complete at least one full leather book in the course. At all stages of the class, students will be exposed to design options (some minor, some major) that directly inform the look and feel of the finished binding. They may also be introduced to simple decorative techniques such as embossing and other surface treatments, as time allows.

Students will learn binding techniques necessary in the making of a laced-on, leather covered board structure. They will also be acquainted with techniques needed in future fine binding and specialty courses at the Academy. Students will become familiar with hand sewing using a sewing frame, rounding and backing, and weaving headbands, as well as leather paring and applying leather to their books.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding I-II, or equivalent experience. This course may be repeated as needed or desired.

Box Making For Fine Binders
18th-22nd May 2020

with Don Glaister

As makers of fine bindings, we spend weeks, months and sometimes even years working on a special (to someone) binding. After the leather is polished, the gold is burnished and the last details have been taken care of, then what? The binding needs a special, friendly, safe place to spend the next few hundred years. That's where a protective box comes in.

In this class, students will learn to make simple, and not so simple cloth covered clamshell boxes for books or other similarly sized objects. While most books are square or rectangular, some are irregular in shape and require custom fitted enclosures. Such projects will also be addressed in this class. Students will be instructed to build neat, well fitting and durable boxes for their unique books. They will be taught to measure accurately, cut with precision and think creatively about their projects, hence finishing in fine style the binding projects that have consumed so much of their time and energy.

Further information is available from the schools web site at www.bookbindingacademy.org

School for Formal Bookbinding, Pennsylvania, USA

The purpose of the School for Formal Bookbinding is to provide high quality instruction in hand bookbinding within the context of the German academic tradition that I learned from my teachers, Trudi and Fritz Eberhardt. Emphasis is placed on the understanding that a successful hand-bound book is the result of interrelated decisions about structure, technique and material at every stage of the binding process. The school is located in Northeast Pennsylvania between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton and is equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia.

For 2020, the school will offer the progressive series of one week classes (Bookbinding 1 through 6) twice. And for the first time we will be offering a week long master class on printing with the iron handpress.

Schedule for 2020
13th-17th April 2020 - Foundations of Hand Bookbinding
20th-24th April 2020 - Introduction to Case Binding
4th-8th May 2020 - Introduction to Leather Binding 1th-15th May 2020 - Full Leather Binding
8th12th June 2020 - Introduction to Cloth Binding Conservation
15th-19th June 2020 - Introduction to Leather Binding Conservation
13th-17th July 2020 - Iron Handpress Masterclass
27th-31st July 2020 - Foundations of Hand Bookbinding
3rd-7th August 2020 - Introduction to Case Binding
9th-13th September 2020 - Introduction to Leather Binding
16th-20th September 2020 - Full Leather Binding
14th18th October 2020 - Introduction to Cloth Binding Conservation
21st-25th October 2020 - Introduction to Leather Binding Conservation

Tuition has gone up a bit this year; everything else remains the same.

For more detailed information please see the website donrashfinebookbinder.com
or call 1-570-239-8643

Southern Bookcrafts Club


Accurate measuring, folding and cutting
with Eliza Bruml

Saturday 11th January 2020
A training day for club members only (including those on the club beginning course) to learn how to measure and cut precisely. The essential equipment required for this technique will be available to borrow on the day, enabling you to try it out before deciding whether the technique suits you. You will be shown the techniques to get perfectly square results every time and practise the methods by creating several paper/book structures.

with Mark Cockram

Saturday 15th February 2020
Mark was trained by Maureen Duke and will show you some Duke's Dodges plus his own 'efficiencies' when binding in the studio. This is a chance to learn how to improve techniques and learn new ways of doing things. Mark will take us through the process of binding a winner of the Mann Booker prize - from reading the book to interpreting the content to produce a world class fine binding. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced binders.

Magic Boxes
with Lori Sauer
Saturday 7th March 2020
Using the same construction principle as the Jacobs' Ladder for the lid, Lori from BINDING reDEFINED will teach us how to make these delightful magic boxes that open from both directions to reveal different compartments. We will use paper to cover the small boxes, which will have a finished dimension on approximately 120mmx40mmx 60mm.

Finishing with foil
with Nick Cowlishaw
Saturday 25th April 2020
A one day workshop showing the different techniques used for titling and finishing books with gold or coloured foils. The use of hand letters, a type holder, blocking press, rolls and pallets will be demonstrated on both cloth and leather covering materials. Participants will be encouraged to practice on dummy backs and boards before finishing their own work.

An introduction to working with leather considering materials and techniques
with Nigel Pressnell

Saturday 2nd May 2020
This one-day course will cover the basics of selecting, cutting and paring leather, and its joining and fixing to boards to make decorative covers. Through demonstrations and practical tasks, participants will learn how to work with inlay and onlay to achieve simple embellishment.

Making Phase boxes
with David Nye

Saturday 20th June 2020
Phase boxes protect and/or arrest deterioration of books in need of professional repair and cleaning, and indicate to users that care is needed when handling the book. You will learn how to create the simple but effective box structure and be shown how it can be used to develop other forms which can be used to hold small books in cradles, very thin books or multiple pamphlets on platforms, and books of different sizes within one box. The essential skills are measuring and cutting. On the day you will make one basic phase box and another with a cradle and platform to hold and protect smaller books or one to suit your own book.

The cost of training days is £35 a day for members and £45 for non club members. There may be a small additional charge on the day for materials payable directly to the tutor. Booking is only available online scanning the qr code or using this link, which is also available on our website at www.sbookc.org.uk/courses, where you can find more information regarding what to bring etc.

If you any questions email the training day organiser on sbctrainingdays@gmail.com

Bookbinding courses at City Lit : Autumn and Winter 2019

Whether you are a complete beginner or you already have bookbinding skills that you want to develop, we have a course for you. Our team of dedicated tutors are skilled practitioners, Industry specialists and experts in the fields of bookbinding, book arts, fine design binding, conservation and repair. We run taster days, starter courses and longer courses during the evenings, daytimes and weekends and we offer from beginner to advanced level that will enable you to learn and build skills in bookbinding, book arts and book conservation. There are also specialist courses in gold tooling, decorative techniques and working with leather. Book conservation courses offer practical instruction in paper repair, leather and cloth conservation, hand tooling and machine blocking.


Gold tooling on a paper binding
VD412 06/12/2019 - 09/12/2019 Friday - Monday 10:30 - 17:00

Develop your knowledge and experience of gold tooling on paper whilst learning how to gold tool on a paper-covered book, using hand finishing tools, BS Glaire and loose gold leaf. For those with experience in gold tooling using hand finishing tools and gold leaf.
All levels welcome.
Full £259 - Senior £207 - Concession £158

For further information, fees and more courses please visit:

Any questions? Contact our visual arts team on 020 7492 2700
Monday-Friday between 10.00-17.00.
All our bookbinding courses take place in our main site on
Keeley Street in Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA

Bookbinding courses at Dillington House, Somerset

Come and widen your knowledge of bookbinding in the beautiful surroundings of Dillington House near Ilminster, Somerset. Four-day residential courses, running from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime take place in a well-equipped purpose-built studio with plenty of light and a view across the Somerset countryside. Rooms are comfortable, the food is excellent, and it is a most enjoyable study holiday.

There is usually an introductory beginners' course in January, and intermediate level courses throughout the year. The representative from Hewits calls in during the week with tools and materials for sale. Courses for 2019 are as follows:

Bookbinding for beginners
with Sarah Jarrett-Kerr
January 2020(weekend, date tbc)

For more information contact www.dillington.com

Bookbinding and conservation workshops at Green's Books in Worcestershire


Workshops are in small groups of around four people; they are held at the well-equipped studio in Worcestershire, and offer step-by-step tuition in various bookbinding and conservation techniques. Tea/coffee, handouts and materials are included (unless otherwise stated).

Introduction to bookbinding
29th February 2020

Sharpening for bookbinders
14th March 2020
£100 (+ £10 materials fee)

Ethiopian binding
4th April 2020
£100 (+ £5 materials fee)

Medieval structural endbands and their application in book repair
16th May 2020
Hosted by the West Midlands region of the SoB)

Hereford Romanesque binding - including tour of Hereford Cathedral Library
17th - 21st August 2020, (five-day course)
£550 (includes materials & Library tour)

A Modified spokeshave for paring leather
5th September 2020
£200 (all materials including a new spokeshave & A2 blade)

Leather paring without the blood, sweat and tears
19th September 2020

Tight-back, quarter leather binding
10th - 11th October 2020 (two-day workshop)

A hybrid drop-back box
7th November 2020. (Hosted by the North wales & North West region of the SoB)

Introduction to bookbinding
14th November 2020 £100

For further details, please contact Arthur:

Green's Books Ltd.
Unit 6, Cygnet business Centre,
Worcester Road, Hanley Swan
Worcestershire, WR8 0EA

Tel: 07921457174

Bookbinding Workshop with Juliayn Coleman
at the historic Sunset Lodge on Lake Damariscotta, Maine.

In this hands-on workshop, we will make one simple non-adhesive book each day. The structures will range from the earliest binding styles to contemporary, and they are geared towards beginner through intermediate skill levels. In addition to the binding, we will explore at least three different ways to decorate paper for the covers of our books: paste paper, suminagashi, and plant printing. The goal is to create a harmonious set of beautiful books, learn simple structures that you can take home and repeat on your own, and let your creative mind explore the medium of book binding.

In late March, more enhanced information about the workshop will be posted on sunsetlodgeworkshops.com/hand-bookbinding

$1600. for each student + $100. materials fee. Includes private room, 3 home-cooked meals each day, 5 days of handbookbinding instruction, and the use of canoes, kayaks, and sailboats.
Workshop space is limited to 12 Hand Bookbinding students.
A list of bookbinding tools and what to bring will be sent upon registration.

Contact and to register: Noah Kahn: sunsetlodgeonlakedamariscotta@gmail.com or +1 510 427 0297

Scottish Borders

One-to-one or two-to-one tuition in a private studio located in a beautiful rural setting in the Scottish Borders: close to Berwick on Tweed with easy access by road or rail.

Personal tuition from an award winning craftsman! All tuition tailored to suit the skills level of the individual student. If there is a particular technique or a skill you are looking to develop or improve, or if you are a complete beginner taking your first steps into the art & craft of this ancient discipline, contact Mark Ramsden via bookmanconservation.co.uk, or call 01361 882028 or e-mail me bookman@btinternet.com.

Otter Education - Classes in Winchester and Midhurst, UK

Otter Education

Whether you're looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there's nothing more important than being taught by an experienced Arts & Crafts Instructor. Marysa de Veer has been offering her services to people of all ages since 1993, and is here to give you the personalised attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.

Please visit her web site to view the full range of tuition options available.

Teaching Opportunities at the London Centre for Book Arts

Come and teach at the LCBA! The centre is looking to add more workshops to their schedule. If you have an idea for a workshop to teach at the Centre, please let them know by filling in the form on their web site.

You can see examples of their current workshops at londonbookarts.eventbrite.co.uk

Questions? Get in touch with Simon at simon@londonbookarts.org

The Maureen Duke Educational Award

The Norie Trust is a small charitable trust based in the South West of England. The Trust funds various projects, many of which are associated with literature and the arts. The Trust also assists community-based projects which aim to improve the quality of people's lives.

The Trust has generously offered the Society funds of £2,000 a year for the next 5 years to fund an educational award to assist professionals in the book field. The Trust wishes to recognise Maureen Duke's inspirational teaching and dedication to education and the award will therefore be known as The Maureen Duke Educational Award.

The recipient of the award each year should be a bookbinder, book conservator, book restorer or book artist who has worked professionally in the U.K. for the last two years prior to the award. They should be intending to continue to work professionally, preferably in the UK.

SoB's Education & Training Task Force has been asked by the Trust to administer the award and after discussion it has been agreed that the award panel will consist of the Chair of the Society and the Chair of E&T. The applicant will be required to submit the following:
- Hand written letter of application
- CV
- A brief outline of the nature of study wishing to be undertaken, indicating how this will enhance their work, and their plans for the future
- Full Breakdown of costs - fees, travel and subsistence
- Images of work completed in the 2 years prior to application
- Two references

The recipient will be required to write a report of their study and experience gained for others in the field.

Applications should be sent to: Claire Redfern, 21 Moat Way, Goring by Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4DR.

An Introduction to Bookbinding with Mark Cockram at Studio 5, London

Case Binding

Rationale - This module develops the students' ability to use basic materials such as cloth and a number of machine made papers. It will allow students the opportunity to explore differing adhesives and covering techniques in the production of case bindings.

- to develop hand skills related to paper and cloth work and hand foil work
- to enhance professional skills, awareness and responsibility
- to stimulate creativity in design
- to develop awareness of choice of suitable styles

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable styles of case binding
- fold sections
- be familiar with various sewing techniques
- forward the book to the required standard
- make a case binding including the use of modern design techniques

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 5 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a good standard and understand the reasons for their use. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Bradel Binding

Rationale - This module develops an awareness of strength and structure specific to this type of binding. It will give students the opportunity to work with leather and apply the relevant techniques involved in the production of the disappearing spine Bradel binding.

- to introduce the student to leather binding and manipulation
- to identify the correct materials specific to the binding style
- to understand the need for and limitations of the binding style
- to apply the relevant techniques
- to assess the suitability of the binding style

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable text blocks in need of this structure
- forward the book to the required standard
- make a Bradel binding including the use of modern design techniques

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 1 finished item of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a good standard and understand the reasons for their use. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Box and Enclosure Making

Rationale - This module is intended to develop the students ability in making 3 styles of boxes for the books made during the 2 previous modules. The student will be able to select and use suitable materials and incorporate style and design ideas.

- to identify the correct materials specific to the box style and use
- to explore design and material manipulation
- to apply the relevant techniques
- to understand internal measuring

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable box styles and construction methods
- apply the techniques for making boxes including a two tray drop back box
- apply techniques suitable for various uses

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 3 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise design, process and protection. The Module is delivered over 6 days with all materials included. Fee £700

Artist's Book or Complete Book (Option A)

Rationale - This module is intended to develop the students' ability to explore print, book manipulation and creative journeys with the book.

- to identify differing print techniques
- to explore the book as a means of artistic and social expression
- to apply the relevant techniques, working practices and mediums

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable print techniques and mixed media
- forward the book to the required standard and manipulate as required
- to understand the relationship of the artist and the book

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 2 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise working processes. The Module is delivered over 6 days with some materials included. Fee £700

Introduction to Contemporary Bradel Design Binding (Option B)

Rationale - The Introduction to Contemporary Bradel Design Binding gives students the opportunity to make a Design Binding using contemporary and traditional techniques and materials.

- to expand existing skills and techniques whilst learning relevant traditional skills
- to explore Design Binding with contemporary arts practices
- to apply the relevant techniques, working practices and mediums

Learning Outcome - On completion the student will be able to:
- select suitable construction methods - forward the book to the required standard and manipulate as required - to boldly go where no one has been before

Assessment Strategy - Assessment will be in line with the STUDIO 5 criteria and will be evident through examination and discussion of 2 finished items of work. The student will demonstrate an ability to apply the techniques to a high standard and understand the reasons for their use. The student will be expected to be able to demonstrate and rationalise working processes. The Module is delivered over 14 days with basic materials included. Fee £1,400

The STUDIO 5 BEGINNERS COURSE is delivered in 3 modules of six days each. Upon successful completion the student will be issued with a Studio 5 Certificate. The fee is £2,100.00 per person. The fee covers all tuition, hand tool use, workshop equipment as required and materials as outlined in the module information. A 50% non returnable deposit is required to confirm booking, full payment being made no less than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. The modules can be delivered in a block or days to suit the individual student. Two further modules, options A and B are individually priced.

To book a place or for more information please contact us at:
Mark Cockram
Studio Five
First Floor The Mews
46-52 Church Road
Barnes, London, SW13 0DQ
Tel: 0208 563 2158 e-mail: studio5bookarts@aol.co.uk

North Bennet Street School, Boston, MA - Full-time Bookbinding Program
plus Workshops and Short Courses

WorkshopsEstablished in 1986, this popular two-year program attracts students who share a passion for books and materials, problem-solving, the creative process and working with their hands to make, restore and preserve books and other printed cultural treasures. Students learn fundamental bookbinding techniques including tool use and modification, non-adhesive bindings, cloth and paper bindings of various styles, edition binding and an introduction to book repair and conservation. The second year provides a comprehensive examination of leather bindings, decorative tooling and finishing and re-backing and repair of leather bindings. Advanced paper treatments including washing and deacidification and other conservation procedures are covered. In addition to the full-time program, the school offers one-week and longer short courses in bookbinding, calligraphy, paper marbling and more.

For more information go to: www.nbss.edu

Alan Fitch - A Binder of Books and A Teacher of Bookbinding, in Powys, Wales

There are available a variety of courses, which run throughout the year, offering the opportunity to learn in an idyllic location and relaxed atmosphere. With only a maximum of three people on any one course, tuition is on a very personal level, with each student having their own work station and all tools and materials supplied.

The courses run from Monday - Friday (9 - 5). Over the period of the course you will be guided through all the aspects of bookbinding, relevant to each course. There are at present four courses available:

Basic Course - This course has been designed for the beginner and covers all the basics of binding a book.

Refresher/Repair Course - This course is designed for the student who :
- Has completed the Basic Course but would like to spend more time developing their basic skills before moving on to finer things.
- Has had some experience in the past of binding a case bound, round and backed book but would like to refresh their skills.
- Would like to develop their skills in repairing old cloth cased books.

Full Leather Course - This course is for the person who wants to develop their bookbinding skills and progress to binding in leather.

2 Day Bookmaking Course - This course has been designed to allow you to spend two days making a variety of types and styles of book, none of which require any specialist equipment or tools.

Accommodation is available

For further detail please telephone +44 (0)1938 590733, email abinderofbooks@gmail.com
or view the web site at www.abinderofbooks.co.uk

The School for Bookbinding Arts, Winchester, VA

The School for Bookbinding Arts began in 2002 as the workshop division of Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding (est. 1991) and offers numerous courses in bookbinding and allied subjects taught by the bookbinders of Cat Tail Run along with a team of talented guest instructors.

Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding provides bookbinding, restoration, and conservation services to individuals and institutions. The bookbinders of Cat Tail Run include Susan McCabe, Anna Barnes, Reilly Cundiff, Rowland Kirks, and Jill Deiss. Susan McCabe's expertise includes the sewing of texts and creating custom-crafted endbanding. Anna Barnes restores the covers of leather- and cloth-bound books. Reilly Cundiff specializes in crafting new bindings, restoring cloth binding, and making clamshell boxes. Jill Deiss serves as the senior binder, and Rowland Kirks is chief of operations for the bindery and the bookbinding school.

Further information from:
+1 540 662 2683
email: workshops@cattailrun.com

The Artworks, Halifax, Yorkshire

Printmaking and Bookbinding

Please visit their web site for a full list of available courses.

"All of our workshops offer the highest quality tuition in a relaxed, welcoming, open and conducive atmosphere. Our workshops are structured, providing you with the necessary skills and techniques to master the craft and are flexible too, allowing you to work on different projects from traditional to contemporary. You can work at your own pace and all materials and tools are provided at the class to get you going."

Further information is available from www.theartworks.org.uk

CBL Ascona, Switzerland

The Association centro del bel libro in Ascona is the parent institution of an internationally known and recognised technical school with the specialised areas of Bookbinding and Design and Book and Paper Conservation. The Association exists for the continued development and ever higher qualification of its instructors in both areas. Competitions and exhibitions help inform the public about their activities and expand public awareness of the book. The Association makes it possible for experts in related fields and for interested laypeople to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the book through special courses of instruction. The Association is a not for profit organisation. Its departments assure the smooth functioning of the school and an especially well organised office assists course participants with their stay in Ascona. The Directorate, among other duties, is charged with attracting new supporting members for the Association to ensure the continued work and development of the School. Should you be in agreement with the stated goals of the Association - we would be pleased to welcome you as a new member!

Department of Bookbinding and Design - The study areas of Bookbinding and Design offer discerning bookbinders the opportunity of technical and creative challenges. Course participants have the opportunity to further their qualifications through learning internationally recognised methods and techniques, are able to hone their skills and increase their knowledge, evaluate themselves and be inspired by colleagues. They will exchange ideas and find paths in creativity and through self reflection; paths which open up by being away from job demands and daily stress, away from routine, and the pressures of time and expectations of productivity. The annually changing course offerings are continually enhanced by timely developments to expand students depth of understanding. They include classic hand bookbinding techniques, such as the French full leather binding, the Bradel technique, as well as hand gilding. Another area of program concentration is the contemporary design of bookbindings, in which design, technique and material complement each other and fulfil the functional and qualitative aspects of a book.

Department of Book and Paper Conservation - The study of book and paper conservation at the centro del bel libro ascona assures further education specifically for book and paper restorers and delivers timely, inclusive and internationally recognised competencies in theory and practical applications. Scientific bases of restoration, restoration ethics, as well as documentation and decision making are encouraged and fostered in order to increase the knowledge of course participants in these areas. The opportunity to engage in dialogue in related disciplines, support and evaluation of innovation, and most of all development of practical skills to assure correct restoration and conservation measures - all are addressed in this context. The exchange of ideas among experts, and the addition of highly specialised guest lecturers provide the best conditions for exploring all relevant subjects in depth. Highly qualified teachers, a pleasant study and work environment, course participants from countries world wide, and the much renowned southern joie de vivre facilitate learning, ignite the desire to learn and communicate, and reward the student with improved self confidence. Building on these facts, it becomes an easy task to develop conventions for the protection of our cultural heritage, the book - a task which the centro del bel libro ascona has set itself and which it fulfils.

Further information regarding courses programs can be found on the schools web site at: www.cbl-ascona.ch

If you have a listing that you would like included on this page,
please let us know by e-mail to sales@hewit.com
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