Knives - Age Restricted Products

Our Policy

The knives that we sell to our non-business customers in England, Scotland and Wales are age restricted and require a light credit check to verify that you are aged 18 or over. This is a process that we will only need to undertake with your first order. The steps we will carry out are:

1 - A check to see if your name is on the public version of the Electoral Roll at either your billing or delivery address. If it is, then your order will be processed and dispatched.

If it is not listed then:

2 - We will contact you by e-mail asking for proof of age. Please provide us with a scan of any official ID which clearly shows your name and date of birth. Acceptable IDs include:

- Driving Licence
- Passport
- Birth Certificate
- MoD ID Card
- PASS Card

A clear digital scan of any one of the above returned to us via email will be acceptable.