October 2022

New Board Appointment

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Barlee to the Board of Directors at J Hewit & Sons Ltd.

Andrew has grown up in and around the family business having spent many of his school and university holidays working in the Company's factory and warehouse. During this time he re-wrote our Health & Safety and Chemical and Manual Handling policies, ensuring that our updated procedures continue to conform to current legislation.

Andrew started working for us full-time, in 2021, having completed his chemistry degree from the University of the West of Scotland, graduating with a B.Sc (Hons). In the last few years, he has overseen the commissioning and installation of a bank of new solar roof panels and LED upgrades to the lighting systems in our Livingston factory and warehouse. As our Health, Safety and Environmental Director, Andrew is committed in working to improve our environmental performance and will ensure that our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint continues.

Andrew is passionate about leather and as time progresses, will continue to learn, improve and hone his leather manufacturing skills.

Andrew, Roger's son, is the 7th generation of the family to join our Company and we all wish him every success in his future endeavours.

The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2022

The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Excellence in Design
Winner Erin Fletcher, USA

Magic Show Tonite!
by Leo Behnke with illustrations by Mark Sanders, Outwest Bookworks Inc., 1999
"Dorfner binding with a metallic blue leather spine. Wood veneer covered boards are hand-painted on the surface and sides. The book is sewn onto vellum tapes with tabs made from leather and handmade paper backed with museum board. Leather tab is blind tooled. Leather wrapped endbands in lilac. Fuchsia faux suede flyleaf laminated to handmade paper in muted teal."


J Hewit and Sons Award for Craftsmanship
Winner Paul Johnson, UK

Cathedral Helter Skelter
by Paul Johnson, 2021
"In 2019 Norwich Cathedral installed a fairground helter skelter at the nave's west end. This unique sculptural accordion pop-up book makes a three dimensional story from this: A girl climbs the helter skelter and then visits the Bible stories - Noah and the Ark and Jonah and the Whale - realised in the cathedral's famous mediaeval ceiling roof bosses."


Our warmest congratulations go to Erin and Paul