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Aboutbookbinding.com - Bookbinding is a hobby/obsession for Marcus Herbert and he decided that he should share the book "The Art of Bookbinding" by Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf with everyone. He also has plans to add more free on-line bookbinding books for everyone's enjoyment.

Art Workers Guild - is a society of artists, craftsmen and designers drawn together by a common interest in the interaction, development and distribution of creative skills. Together they represent and uphold a variety of views on design and stand for authenticity in a world increasingly uncertain about what is real. Authenticity is expressed in many ways, irrespective of political and stylistic ideology.Founded originally by the leading lights of the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1890's, many of its current members uphold long established traditions of workmanship and a desire to contribute to the community. The Guild believes that art, craft and design should be invigorating and positive in outlook, at a time when much art remains alienating and self-indulgent. These principles are manifest in the individual work of the members and are spread through teaching, research, publication and exhibitions.

Bibliopegy - (noun: art of book-binding) - is a hub for several pages on the history, the teaching and practice of the art of bookbinding. There are also links to the very informative Bookbinding discussion list.

Book Arts Classified - is an online publication containing ads for an assortment of books, paper, equipment, and supplies; as well as listings for conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and calls for entry. Subscribers use their free classified ads (up to 500 characters) to buy, sell, or trade, or just to communicate.

Bookbinding for Beginners - aim is to teach hand bookbinding techniques that will help the amateur bookbinder construct hardcover books for the purpose of housing invaluable family papers such as personal letters, creative poems, original stories, or private diaries.

Book Binding and Restoration from Home - A useful resource for beginners.

Book Information Website - This is an excellent site with more than 60 pages linked together on items relating to Bookbinders, Bookbinding History, Courses for Bookbinding, Papermaking, Private Presses and much, much more!

David Brass Rare Books - David is an internationally renowned antiquarian bookseller who has been dealing in rare books and original artwork for over forty years. He learned the business from the ground up from his grandfather, Jack Joseph and great uncle, Sam Joseph, who traded as E. Joseph, the firm established by the family patriarch, Emmanuel Joseph, in 1876 on Holywell Street in the Strand. In 1900, E. Joseph moved to no. 48 on Charing Cross Road, the famed bookseller's row in London. Another branch of the family traded as Marks & Co., the booksellers immortalized by Helene Hanff in her history of the shop down the street from E. Joseph, 84 Charing Cross Road. David's family traces its roots in the book business to an ancestor who had a bookstall in St. Paul's churchyard in London in 1516. Today is company is based in California. Their specialties are English and American Literature, Children's Books, Illustrated Books, Modern Firsts, European Literature, Original Art Color-Plate Books and Fine Bindings.

Calligraphy, Lettering Art & Artist Books - is based in Victoria, Australia. Galleries of artworks relating to the lettering and book arts. Also the Calligraphic & Book Arts World Travel Guide. This a beautifully constructed site and is well worth a visit.

iBookbinding - welcomes you to its site of free book binding resources and tutorials. Feel free to browse through their instructional posts, watch their video tutorials or find local bookbinders in their directory.

Colophon - The Colophon Page is a home on the Internet for the community of collectors, dealers and lovers of modern illustrated and fine press books. You are invited to tour the site: visit the Gallery and Richard Minsky's hyper linked - and continually evolving - survey of 20th Century Illustrated Books, the international Dealer's Marketplace, and the events Calendar which is regularly updated.

Interdart - Book Resources for Collectors and Booksellers - This site provides general information services to both the book trade and the book collector. It includes information on and/or links to UK booksellers (antiquarian, collectible and second hand), booksellers' associations, book search databases, book binding, repair and conservation materials, bibliographies, library archives, etc., etc.

Alan Isaac Rare Books - We trade in old, rare, used and newly published books on the art and craft of bookbinding, and related fields including, but not limited to, printing, illustration and paper of all kinds. Our select range of designed bindings come to us direct from internationally renowned binders. We either stock or can obtain books published overseas and are pleased to be UK agent for the niche US publisher, The Legacy Press. We are very happy to consider books for purchase, either individually or as a collection.

Orchid Press - established in Thailand in 1981, is a specialised publishing house devoted to books related to Asia-books of general interest, scholarly texts, fiction, and poetry, both new works and reprints. Their policy is to keep books in print for a number of years. Books are sold through distributors, booksellers and directly to customers around the world.

TJ Bookarts - is a website geared towards individuals who are interested in learning to bind their own books and albums. Updated regularly, the site offers free tutorials as well as information pages on various aspects of bookbinding and the bookarts.

ULoveBooks - are based in South West England. They aim to provide you with a wide range of books to choose from on an equally wide range of subjects: First Editions, Rare Books, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Childrens Books, Illustrated Books, Antiquarian Books, Modern Books, and much more besides. This is no rarified selection of books that are beyond the average person's financial reach, this site is for everyone. From the person who just wants to replace a lost book remembered from childhood to the collector of rare and valuable titles, we aim to provide it all. Chat about books on the forum, request titles that aren't currently available - you can make ulovebooks.com yours.

Frances Wakeman Books - are specialists in antiquarian and out-of-print books on Bookbinding, Marbling, Conservation, Papermaking, Printing, Typography, etc. At this site you can search a selection of their stock and view their catalogue on-line, as well as learn about their publishing activities under The Plough Press imprint. Free printed catalogues available upon request.