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Limited & Facsimile Edition Publishers

Addison Publications Ltd - is a London based publishers who specialise in the production and sale of limited edition facsimiles of rare and important manuscripts. Their publications range in age and topic from the 11th Century Domesday Book to the most recent publication of botanical watercolours depicting plants in HRH The Prince of Wales' Garden - The Highgrove Florilegium. Please take a look at their web-site for their full range of titles and further information about the style, aims and techniques of Addison's facsimile production.

The Curwen Studio - based near Cambridge, England, is a unique organisation in fine art printing for artists and enjoys an outstanding international reputation. Founded in London in 1863, the original policy of the Curwen Studio still exists today, offering a creative service for artists and publishers. Their web site has an excellent demonstration of the lithographic printing process and is well worth a visit.

Dionysus Press - is dedicated to the creation of limited edition artists' books that are printed in-house and bound by hand. The published titles survey social issues by way of poignant photo-essays. Dionysus Press strives to create artists' books that integrate tactile text with rich imagery; all cased in the finest binding materials..

Facsimile Editions - Facsimile Editions was formed in 1980. They are dedicated to bringing out of obscurity some of the finest and most important illuminated manuscripts in the world and reproducing them to a standard hitherto unknown in the history of publishing. They strive to recreate not only the appearance of the originals but also the overall aura of the manuscript. To date, seven books have been faithfully reproduced. 550 copies of each edition are made using only the finest materials and craftsmen.

Facsimile Verlag Luzern - is a limited edition fine art publisher. "The hand-made facsimile bindings must befit the character of the original. In any single case, the binding of a Fine Art Facsimile Edition made by Faksimile Verlag Luzern is a perfect example of the art and practise of bookbinding throughout the centuries. "

Genesis Publications - is the world's leading publisher of fine limited edition books in the fields of modern music and culture. Bindings range from very traditional to modern and innovative, and books often come with additional items such as compact discs, limited edition prints and memorabilia, housed in custom-made boxes or slipcases. Authors include George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar and Bill Wyman. Other specialist subjects include horse-racing, cinema and sport.

Hordern House Rare Books - are based in NSW, Australia. They have a series of Maritime Facsimile publications based on voyages and exploration that they have been producing over the years. To name a few of their titles: Jacob Le Maire - Mirror of the Australian Navigation, George Hamilton - Voyage round the world in His Majesty's Frigate Pandora and Alexander Dalrymple - An Account of the Discoveries made in the Pacifick Ocean. These titles are still available for purchase from their web site. They have several other projects in this field that they are being worked on for future publication.

Kavenga Publishing - publish Personalized Australian Children's Books, written and illustrated exclusively by themselves. The books are made using traditional book making methods, Hardcover and NO staples! They are members of the Queensland Bookbinders' Guild.

Nahanni Productions - is a private publisher dedicated to creating books of extraordinary quality while making a positive contribution to environmental and social causes. Antarctica - Volume 1 from the new Explorer Series is is the world's finest photographic art book and the story of its amazing production can be found on the web site.