Boarding Machine

Goatskins being 'boarded' (softened), prior to being embossed.

Chestnut Tan

Decanting powdered chestnut tan.

Clicker Press

'Clicking-out' bookmarks with our clicker press.

Drum Work

A 'Drum Roll' please

Glass Drying

Glass drying Sheep Skivers.

Glazing Machine

Polishing (burnishing) Chieftain Goatskins with a glass cylinder.

Hand Graining

Hand graining goatskins

Hand Spaying

Hand spraying a short-run custom green goatskins.

'Hanging' Skins

'Hanging' goatskins to air dry.

Hot Pressing

Hot pressing sheep skivers.

The Mangle

Pressing and softening goatskin.

Measuring Machine

Measuring the area of finished Bookcalf.

Shaving Machine

'Wet' shaving calfskins, prior to dyeing.


Hand 'Slickering' (softening) goatskins.

Spraying Machine

A view down the 'tunnel' of our spraying machine, where Chieftain Goatskins are being finished.....

..... and another view from inside.


Staking (softening) Chieftain Goatskins.

Make Works

Make Works visits J Hewit & Sons in Edinburgh. From Make Works on Vimeo.

The Big Move...

.... and a video shot and edited by Roger Barlee's son, Kenneth during the big move to Livingston in 2010.