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Bound by Richard Beadsmoore

Hokusai by David Burnett
Lino-cuts: Hui Fang Lee
267 x 165 x 12mm

The binding won the 'Clothworkers' 2nd Prize for the Open Choice category in The Designer Bookbinders, 2020.

"Hokusai" is a poem by a British author so it is bound in a Japanese style (Yamato Toji) by a British binder and housed in a Hakochitsu box.

The single section book has endpapers of hand-made Moriki-Tozo paper. It is sewn on a stub which is then sandwiched between two boards covered in Hewit's alum-tawed goat which are then held in place by ribbons. There are recessed inlays of dyed alum-tawed leather and tooling, both blind and in palladium leaf, using a tool especially made by the binder to reflect the shape of Mount Fuji.

You can see more of Richard's work on his website www.beadybookbinder.com


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