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Antarctica: A Tome by Pat & Rosemarie Keough
Bound by Felton Bookbinding

Antarctica is compared to the refined elegance and luxury of a Patek Philippe watch (The Economist); described as "a covetable work of art, a shrine even to the frozen continent" (Patek Philippe, International Magazine); and shares the tradition of John James Audubon (Toronto Reference Library). As said on America's The Today Show, "Antarctica is not a book. It's a work of art, a monument, the apogee of grandeur." Critics and curators worldwide acclaim the Keoughs' Antarctica to be among the world's finest books. Included among the 23 prestigious awards received for excellence are: World's Best Photography Book, World's Best Nature Photographers, World's Best Printing, Outstanding Bookarts etc.

The goat leather selected for Antarctica is strong, abrasion-resistant and durable. This is the traditional choice for fine binding. In fact, the goat leather covers of thousand-year-old books such as those of the Sinai's St. Catherine's Monastery are in relatively good condition to this day. Whereas modern limited-edition books are often bound in quality cloth or sometimes "quarter bound" in leather, Antarctica is fully bound in morocco goat, among the most expensive of book leathers. Antarctica is so large that two full skins are used to bind each copy. Antarctica's custom-dyed Chieftain Goat from Hewit first received a vegetable tannage, followed by an archival process that neutralises the effects of humidity and atmospheric acids from air pollution.

Hand-sewing Antarctica with 288 stitches, weaving Irish linen thread about four 3/4" linen tapes stretched on an antique sewing frame.
Wielding a traditional rounding-and-backing hammer, the binder manually creates shoulders in Antarctica's book block where later will nestle the cover boards.
The finest of traditional goat leather, Chieftain from Hewits, fully clads Antarctica's cover, shown here being hand-tooled with a finishing pallet. Other tools are heating nearby on a stove.
Linen tapes, woven in the spine, are positioned between split layers of the cover boards. Tapes and boards are then laminated together creating a strong, durable binding. The structure is then covered with a matching leather joint, and the board with flocked velvet.
The Master Binders of Felton Bookbinding Ltd.
.......and from inside the book
Antarctica combines fine photography with centuries old binding techniques and state-of-the-art printing. This one and only edition is forever limited to 950 luxurious, individually hand-bound tomes featuring 345 photographs by Pat and Rosemarie Keough. The full-leather volume weighs 12.5 kg in its presentation box.
A custom bookstand is available.
Antarctica is an experience, a journey. The vivid photography of Pat and Rosemarie Keough tantalizes all senses, evoking the sting of ice crystals on one's face, the clamour and odour of penguin colonies... the vulnerability of man in the immensity of this majestic yet unforgiving wilderness.
Antarctica is an unparalleled portfolio of landscapes, seascapes, ice, snow, wildlife, 'the hand of man', abstracts and realism.
Pat and Rosemarie Keough are internationally acclaimed photographers, authors, and publishers of seven photographic art books, also medalists of The Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club. The International Photography Committee has bestowed them with 'World's Best Nature Photographer of the Year'. Antarctica is the inaugural volume in their Explorer Series of luxurious private press tomes. Their current work-in-progress is Labrynth Sublime: 'The Inside Passage', a massive tome with the same exacting traditions.

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