Curved-Folding Origami Design

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Bound by Graham Patten

Curved-Folding Origami Design
Dimensions: 26 x 21 x 6cm
Bound 2020

Bound mainly in Pentland Goatskin, chiyogami paper and linen endbands.

"The focus of my work is to push bindings "wildly" out of the conventional planar and rectilinear boundaries of what we think of as codex, and to manifest the subject matter as closely as I can in the binding itself. Curved folding is a more recently developed area of the art and mathematics of origami, and so a binding in curved folds seemed a logical next step to follow my recent Miura-folded binding. The curvature in this book made each step of the binding process new to me, and created a struggle that required a meditative problem-solving approach a propos of 2020.

The leaves of the volume are folded identically in a pattern inspired by fold 7.11 in the text. The text block is sewn all-along over three ramie tapes, and the covers are fashioned from folded and laminated card stock."

Further examples of Graham's work can be seen on his web site at and on his Instagram @grahampattenbinder.


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