The Italian Hydraulic Clamshell Project

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Bound by Felton Bookbinding Ltd.

The Italian Hydraulic Clamshell Project
Design and tattoo work by A. von Hemmersbach
Size 14 x 10 x 3.5 inches

Bound in Hewit's Natural Faircalf

'Our client wanted these five large clamshell boxes to house his collection of early Italian hydraulic pamphlets and booklets.'

He wanted the spines to form an image when they are together on the shelf, but a completely different image when they were opened and joined together, an image that is 10 feet long!'

'The large calf panels were sent to the immensely talented Aarom von Hemmersbach to be tattooed first, with the board and spine positions marked lightly on the back. After several months of work and drying, they were back in the bindery. Covering the boxes proved to be a huge challenge, to get the spine and long images to line up continuously was immensely difficult, happily the result speaks for itself.'

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