Book Themed Hats

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Hand-Made by Rachel Frost

Book Themed Hats

Hand-felted book themed hats, using hewit's paper, head bands and leather tools

"I am a Hatter specialising in an unique process of felt making that was used in Britain between the 16th and mid 19th century. My Dad (Martin Frost) is a fore-edge painter and book binder (he was awarded an MBE for his 40+ years service to his unusual craft). These hats are a tribute to our combined crafts.

The hat with pages all the way around is hand-felted in beaver, with paper and head bands from Hewit. You can just about make out that I gilded the top edges of the paper (with help from my Dad). The fedora style hat is hand-felted in fine wool (with headband and paper from Hewits) and has an internal leather sweatband that is embossed with an old tool I also bought from the Company. The stamp inside the hat is my hatters mark, based on those used by early hat makers and showing the tools of the trade (which I still use)."

Rachel Frost is a Member of the British Hat Guild. Her work can be found on her Instagram account at @thecrafty_beggars


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