A Thousand Full Moon Nights

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Bound by Jin Hu

A Thousand Full Moon Nights by Wei, bound 2021
1st edition printed by Butterfly Effect Studio

Awarded jount 2nd prize in The Society of Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition 2022, for Fine Binding

Full leather binding with laced-on boards, sewn on decorative meeting guards. Bound in natural BV Archival Calf, R9 that was hand-dyed with spirit dyes, and with hand dyed and textured inlays. Edge-to-edge doublures in hand- dyed calf and suede flyleaves.

It is an artist book painted and written by artist Wei: The Night of a Thousand full moons or A thousand Full Moon Nights. The original artwork was done with cyanotype, then photographed and printed, with an edition of 500 copies, but due to some technical issue, only 200 copied were printed in the end. Despite the book being machine printed, it is still very beautiful

"I was inspired by the poems as well as the illustrations, especially the colours the artist have used in her book. I have a very vague, dreamy image for my inspiration of this book: a dark blue river of midnight in the dream. All the elements in my design binding was based on that picture and the feeling within it."

You can visit Jin Hu and her work on Instagram at @huhubookbinder


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