The Journey of Thomas the Rhymer

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Bound by Alison Halley

The Journey of Thomas the Rhymer
Wood engravings and afterword by Angela Lemaine
The Old Style Press No. 210

Full leather binding in hand dyed fair goat, sewn on tapes and laced on boards. Hand dyed onlays back pared and recessed silk hand embroidery. Acrylic ink edge colouring, and hand sewn silk end bands. Leather doublures with back pared onlays. The onlays simulate the lines of the Eildon Hills, as important to Borderers today as they were to Thomas the Rhymer. The colour of the leather reflects the moody skies of the Scottish Borders, the vibrant colours of the embroidery expressing colours of field and heather and symbolise the riches that Thomas found beneath the roots of the Eildon Tree.

Alison and her work can be found online at: Instagram: @alihalleytextiles and Website www.alihalley.co.uk


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