The Silmarillion

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Bound by Alan Fitch

The Silmarillion
By J. R. R. Tolkien (Edited by Christopher Tolkien)
Published by George Allen & Unwin 1977
230mm x 145mm x 35mm

The book takes the reader into a dark ethereal world of myth and legend, where elemental forces are in a state of conflict and rebellion and includes several shorter works finishing with Of the Rings of Power.

The binding comes in two parts the text and a map of Beleriand, the setting for the text.

The Book. Bound in Green Pentland Goat with Dendritic Acrylic painted illustration both on the cover and on the purple endpapers, with some additional air brush work on the cover. The edges are airbrushed, allowing a small amount of ingress into the pages to illustrate the corruption that takes place with the text. Hand sewn Gold silk endbands.

The Map - Bound in Purple vellum, presented in its own box.

The whole presented in a drop back box, bound in Elephant Hide with Purple suede linings.

Alan and his work may be found online at: www.abinderofbooks.co.uk


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