The Raven

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Bound by Robin Brandes

The Raven
by Edgar Allan Poe
Artwork by Natalie Frank
Arion Press, San Francisco, CA, 2022
Copy number 52 of an edition of 300
31.5 x 23.5 x 1.5cm

The great master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, earned his living writing stories for American magazines between 1830 and his death at the age of 40 in 1849. In his short lifetime he became the pre-eminent chronicler of the unquiet mind. Fourteen of these unnerving tales and four poems are collected in Arion's presentation. The set is composed of Poe's Phantasia and the companion volume The Raven. The former contains three sections: "Fantasies," "Fantasias," and "Fever Dreams," each of which is introduced by a celebrated poem. The Raven companion volume features seven brilliant gouache-and-chalk pastel drawings by Natalie Frank which bring into focus Lenore, the flesh-and-blood woman whose loss inspired one of the most famous refrains in English literature: Nevermore.

A fine binding with laced-on cords fully covered with Hewit's aniline straight grain crimson goat leather. Pink leather end bands. Black aniline straight grain goat leather edge-to-edge doublures. Gray goat suede flyleaves. Raven wing feathers are composed with layers onlays of Lynel Fur and distressed mirror mylar.

Robin is based in San Anselmo, California and her work can be found at and on her Instagram at @robinbrandes


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