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Bound by Coleen Curry

Cascadia by William Dietrich
Poet - Christopher Herold
Artist - Richard Wagener
Published by Nawakum Press & Mixolydian Editions
Printed in 2021, No. AP-1 / 70 signed by Author, Poet, Artist, and Binder
Date of Binding - 2022
Size - 381mm x 203mm x 25mm (8.5" x 6.5" x 1")

Description: Hand-dyed and embossed Hewit Faircalf leather binding with boards laced on. Pages sewn onto green Moriki Washi. Edge-to-edge paper doublures in hand-dyed Abaca with leather hinges. Multiple applications of dyes in browns, golds, and oranges using various techniques. Texture added to leather using acrylic sheet laser engrave with high resolution photograph of wasp's nest. Layers of gold leaf applied throughout the treatment processes, sanded and burnished. The title on recto foredge in green goat leather raised onlays disappearing over the board edge. Japanese silk embroidered end bands. Natural edges. Gold Lotka paper fly-leaves.

Statement: Cascadia is an exploration and celebration of the wild forests of the Pacific Northwest. The area has exceptional geography and biodiversity inspiring me to use the rich brown, gold and orange palette. The book title on the cover in smooth green letters disappearing over the board edge hints at the typography towards the latter half of the book.

Coleen and her work can be found at Coleen Curry Fine Bookbinding and on Instagram @book.thug


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