Love Poems

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Bound by Gillian Stewart

Love Poems
Illustrated by Mikki Lee
Selected and introduced by Imtiaz Dharker
Published by The Folio Society, 2022

Designer Bookbinders UK Bookbinding Competition - 2023
Winner of The Folio Society 2nd Prize for Set Book

Full leather binding. Hand dyed Hewit fair goat, airbrushed with spirit dyes. Hand dyed leather jointed endpapers, fly leaves tooled and hand coloured. All edges decorated with acrylic inks and pigment foil tooling. Leather endbands. Boards and spine are tooled with platinum leaf and white pigment foil.

Loves overlap. Conflict. Collide. The patterns can be confusing, exhilarating, terrifying and beautiful. Some burn out, sometimes reconnecting, and others endure. These shapes echo personal experience of blossoms, overlaps, mingling orientations and new colours.

Gillian and her work may be found online at: Instagram: @juju.books and Website:


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