Poe's Phantasia

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Bound by Coleen Curry

Phantasia by Edgar Allen Poe (Part of a two volume set: Poe's Phantasia and The Raven)
Artist - Natalie Frank
Published by Arion Press, San Francisco
Printed in 2022, No. 55 / 300 signed by Artist
Date of Binding - 2023
Size - 320mm x 2525

Description: Both volumes bound in hand-dyed Hewit Faircalf leather with boards laced on. Pages sewn montage sur onglets. Edge-to-edge slate veneer doublures with leather hinges. Both volumes are hand dyed with multiple applications of images, dyes, foils, and textures using various techniques. Poe's Phantasia is silver blue: The Raven is dark blues, black, orange, greens. Texture added to The Raven using acrylic sheet laser engraved with high resolution photograph of wasp's nest. Blind title on the recto. Italian silk embroidered end bands on Poe's Phantasia. Leather endbands on The Raven. Natural edges. Hand painted kozo fly leaves. Both volumes enclosed in a custom enclosure with the Prospectus.

Statement: Inspired by the Natalie Frank's color choices and bold strokes, each volume's design evokes the gestalt of Poe's writings.

Coleen and her work can be found at Coleen Curry Fine Bookbinding and on Instagram @book.thug


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