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Bound by Jack and John Papuchyan

with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

These beautiful bindings are all bound in Hewit's Pentland Goat.

H & H Book Services is a 2nd generation bindery and a family business under the ownership of two brothers, Jack and John Papuchyan. Their knowledge comes from their godfather, Anthony who learned the art of bookbinding when he was in France. When he returned to Armenia, he worked in the Academy of Science of Armenia as a bookbinder. In that workshop, they carried out new bindings, restoration and conservation of different types of materials.

In 1980, Jack and John opened their own bookbindery called Hoosh (meaning "Memory" in Armenian). In 1991, they came to America and in the same year, John got hired as a bookbinder in Heritage Bookshop and Bindery. After one year, Jack joined him there. In 1994 they decided to open their own bookbindery and started their business in Burbank, CA. They now operate out of Glendale with customers ranging from high-end book dealers, private collectors, museums and movie studios.

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