Balada Para un Loco

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Bound by Sol Rebora, Argentina

Balada Para un Loco by Horacio Ferrer

Single copy with Calligraphy, Design and Illustration by Nancy Leavitt
Bilingual edition (English translation by Alberto Paz)
Published - 2009
Size - 284mm x 182mm

A full goatskin binding that is divided into six pieces by inlays with different levels worked with onlays in relief, with violet and white goatskin worked with sandpaper to change the shades. Tiny circles have been inserting across the cover. The design is inspired by the shapes of the quintessential instrument of tango music, the 'bandoneon' and the illustration, colours and shapes that Nancy Leavitt had used in the book.

Sol says, "The strong, dark and deep colour of the Pentland Goat from J. Hewit & Sons gave me the feeling of 'night' that I was looking for in this binding."


Detail of Reliefs and Mosaics.


Sol Rebora's web site can be found at: