The Abstract Garden

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Bound by Rachel Ward Sale

The Abstract Garden by Philip Gross
Illustrated by Peter Reddick
Published by The Old Style Press, 2006

Bound with double boards and a separate spine, the book has been sewn on a dark brown leather strap. The spine has been covered in two parts with impressed and sanded dark brown Hewit's repair calf. The boards are covered in impressed and sanded light brown Hewit's repair calf. with a central panel of dark vellum. Wooden triangles attach the loose leather strap to the boards. The doublures are dark brown impressed and sanded calf with a central panel of decorative handmade paper onlaid with leather triangles. The top edge has been coloured brown and the double core endbands are sewn with brown silk.

Description of Design - The book is illustrated with very striking black and white wood engravings. Rather than trying to emulate the illustrations, my design reflects the shapes of the engraving tools and the marks they make.

Rachel and her work can be found at Bookbinders of Lewis


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