Encheiresin Naturae

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Bound by Coleen E Curry

Encheiresin Naturae by Paul Muldoon
Illustrations by Barry Moser
Published by Nawakum Press, 2015

Full Chieftain leather binding sewn on 5 cords with boards laced-in. Rough edge gilding and silk embroidered headbands. Inlays of sanded embossed goat leather, and pewter. Onlays of slate stone leaf, leather splits, pewter and wasp's nest. Centerpiece inlay made of collaged leather splits, leather, pewter and dried section of Watsonia bulb. Gold leaf tooling and title. Unique leather split flyleaves and edge to edge slate stone leaf.

"Moser's work inspired me to create a bold design with elements of the earth with materials such as pewter, stone and plant. The geometrical shapes and tones introduce his prints."

Coleen Curry bound her first book in 2003 in Colorado and was hooked. She then became a student of Monique Lallier at the American Academy of Bookbinding (AAB) and graduated in 2009 with a diploma in Fine Binding. She has studied with Eleanore Ramsey, Dominic Riley and Hélène Jolis. Coleen teaches at AAB and is also an assistant to Don Glaister. She is a Board member of the San Francisco Center for the Book and a past President of the Hand Bookbinders of California. Coleen has exhibited internationally and her work is held in private collections. She is Canadian and lives in Muir Beach, CA with her husband, where she crafts design bindings, runs trails and rock climbs in her free time.

Coleen and her work can be found at Coleen Curry Fine Bookbinding


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