Erte Macquetes

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Bound by Glenn Malkin

Erte Macquetes
Rebecca Press
Miniature Book - 7cm x 6cm
Commission Binding 2017

The book was sewn onto two linen tapes and with sewn-in leather hinges. Bound in Hewit's fair goat, airbrushed with acrylic inks. Back-pared onlays of various colours and tooled with gold and coloured foil. Edges decorated with acrylics and sprinkled gold leaf. Edge-to-edge Hewit's leather doublures, airbrushed with acrylics. Paste-paper endpapers. Presented in a bespoke suede-lined drop back-box.

The design is a combination of elements of Erte's art, inspired by the art deco period in which he worked.

Glenn and his work can be found at Glenn Malkin Design Bindings


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