Selected Poems

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Bound by Glenn Malkin

Selected Poems by Emily Dickinson
Introduced by Lavinia Greenlaw
Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
Published by the Folio Society
Bound in 2017

Glenn's binding of Selected Poems was awarded the 'St. Brides Foundation Prize for Finishing' in the Designer Bookbinders Bookbinding Competition 2017.

Sewn onto tapes with three-quarter hollow. Lightly airbrushed Hewit's Pentland Goat with back-pared onlay panel of cold tooled leather pieces decorated with yellow and white gold leaf. Silk endbands covered with white gold leaf. Full leather doublures and suede endpapers. The design represents Dickinson's repeated theme of death and suggests the path of life passing through the veil of our mortality, though without melancholy - also reflected in the light blue edge decoration with sprinkled white gold. The background illustrates the ever-present 'stintless stars' referred to in the text.

For further examples of Glenn's work, see his website at Glenn Malkin Design Bindings or e-mail


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