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Collaborative pieces of Porterhouse Design and Black Fox Bindery
with dyeing techniques including the use of Hewit dyes.


Victorian Rocking Chair

rocking chair

Traditionally upholstered. Covered with hand dyed veg tanned sheepskin and finished with green cloth double piping, backing and four buttons. Various leather dyes have been used. The colourful design is a combination of techniques which include handmade stamps in the shape of stars, jigsaws and squares and printed Victorian doilies. These doilies were saturated in dye and printed onto the surface to create a contrasting texture. The final part to the design are hand drawn symbols made into metal dies and blocked into the leather using a selection of metallic foils.



French early 20th Century "sweetheart" Sofa

sweetheart sofa

Traditionally upholstered. Covered in hand dyed russet hide and finished with contrasting purple cloth piping and backing. This was a piece that had been rescued from an uncertain demise. Left to fend for itself and covered in a ghastly, tired looking fabric. It was only by chance that one of its legs had been poking out that saved it. It was brought back into the workshop and stripped. Beneath the old fabric was the framework of a once glorious piece of furniture. The creator's stamp underneath dating it. The ornate woodwork was battered, parts of which had been chopped off but it was still a beautiful thing. The modern and cheerful design has been printed onto the leather using various leather dyes. There are also gold foil embellishments to compliment the gold frame work. A wonderful statement piece to brighten any room!



1950's Foot Stool


Traditionally upholstered. Covered in hand dyed russet hide with deep buttoning. The leather buttons have also been hand dyed with a contrasting red leather dye. This piece was originally covered in tapestry fabric which had become incredibly worn with the padding and lining exposed and coming away. The stool was stripped, the wooden legs and frame work were cleaned up and polished and new linings were attached. The design was inspired by 1950's Formica patterns. Handmade foam stamps were created to apply the various leather dyes.



You can see more of Nicky's work on her web site, Black Fox Bindery