Selected Poems

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Bound by Yuko Matsuno

Selected Poems by Emily Dickinson
Introduced by Lavinia Greenlaw
Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
Published by the Folio Society
Bound in 2017

Yuko's binding was awarded 2nd place in the 'Folio Society prize for the Set Book' in the Designer Bookbinders Bookbinding Competition 2017.

Bound in Hewit's Purple Pentland goatskin. Link stitch with secondary sewing. Full linen board attachment. The cover is hand-engraved and painted with Gansai, Japanese watercolour paints. Gampi paper onlays. Doublures and endpapers decorated with permanent coloured pencils, Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901. Edges decorated with permanent coloured pencils and acrylic inks. Hand-sewn Japanese silk endbands.

The design of the binding shows the scene from one of Dickinson's poems, I heard a Fly buzz-when I died-. The purple represents 'The stillness' in the poem. My interpretation of the colour of the last line of the poem 'I could not see to see' is whitish-yellow. The hand-engraved decoration is inspired by Jane Lydbury's beautiful wood engravings.

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