The Grolier Club - Iter Hibernicum Redux

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Bound by Jason Patrician

The Grolier Club - Iter Hibernicum Redux
Edited by George Edwards

Published in in 2017, in connection with the Grolier Club's second major bibliophilic tour of Ireland held May 16-24, 2016. The text was designed by Mark Argetsinger, and contains numerous color photos contributed by the participants of the tour.

Bound in Bottle Green Pentland goat with red goat leather inlays. Gold tooled with 23k gold leaf. The endpapers were hand-marbled by Jason Patrician on Hahnemühle Ingres paper. The design of this binding was inspired by Irish bindings from the mid and late 1700s. The decorative brass hand tools and roll used on this binding were reproduced by the efforts of Philip Maddock, who referenced scans and rubbings of hundreds of Irish bindings from the period.

Jason's work can be seen at the Fish Bindery and he can be be contacted at


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