Harvesting Colour: The Year in a Marbler's Workshop

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Bound by Nicky Oliver

Harvesting Colour: The Year in a Marbler's Workshop
by Ann Muir

The structure of the binding is a full leather flat back. The seven sections have been sewn onto multi coloured stubs and then sewn onto tapes, with the addition of linen strips in between the tapes. There are 12 fold out samples of marble paper within the text. Each of these samples had to be protected with a cut out frame of paper which matched the thickness of the marbles to pack out the text block in order for it to be pressed safely (these were removed on completion).

It has been bound with fair goat (from J. Hewit & Sons) and hand dyed using various leather dyes. The gold, vertical pattern has been blocked using a pale gold foil and then embellished with 23ct gold leaf. Foil tooled with various matt coloured foils using hand-made brass tools of dots and squares. The edges have been decorated with acrylic inks and real gold foil. Multi coloured double silk, hand sewn end-bands.

The end papers and the edge-to-edge doublures have been hand printed using acrylic inks and oil based printing inks. The flyleaves have been backed with a fine, rusty orange suede to add contrast in colour and texture.

You can see more of Nicky's work on her web site, Black Fox Bindery


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