Showcase Image
Bound by Cathy Robert

ADC case - fully bound in Pentland Goatskin lined in suede with custom made compartments inside, countersunk silver plated corners, leather handle in Pentland and countersunk space to house and engraved silver plate with company logo.

Interior of ADC case
John Kennedy - Clamshell box style with a flat and clasps for closure, leather handle fully bound in tan Bookcalf leather with logo blind embossed.
Interior of John Kennedy Case

Delta Design Studio has been creating customised handmade limited edition books, portfolios and boxes for over 25 years, along with a range of other services including custom-made bags, cases and menus.

The company has a large range of materials in the studio, including the finest leathers, leatherettes and linens in many different colours. They offer blocking on site as a way of personalising the work. Again this service is available in a range of colours.

At Delta Design Studio, the team believes anything is possible, so please call them to discuss your requirements.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 837 7557