Ce qui aurait pu demeurer silence

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Bound by Coleen E Curry

Ce qui aurait pu demeurer silence
Illustrator: Anick Butré
Author: Rachida Madani
Publisher: Al Manar, Neuilly, France, 2015
Size: 229 x 178 x 19 mm

Coleen's binding of Ce qui aurait pu demeurer silence has been awarded a highly commendable prize for 'Leather Treatment'
in the Open:Set International Competition, 2020

Full Hewit's Faircalf laced on boards binding with edge-to-edge doublures of same. Leather is hand-dyed yellow and brown with overtones of bronze acrylic and decorated with image transfers and embossing. Three colors of gold leaf applied, sanded and burnished. Sunago technique to apply gold leaf on edges. Silk endbands. Calf split fly leaves with hand-dyed paper end sections. Handwritten title stamped in gold on recto cover.

"Ce qui aurait pu demeurer silence (What could have remained silent) is a book of words on words, scrutinizing the page. Madani’s poetry explores what happens between the will to write and the gesture of writing; between the pen and the page; between the impatience to say, and the demand of silence. Rich painterly aquatints inspired my choice to layer yellow and brown dyes in varying tones and saturations. Image transfers were used to add textures and words. This layering of color, words, textures, and gold motivate the reader to perceive the words yet not actually read them. I was inspired to create a tactile experience to feel the words, without expressing them, to catch glimpses through the gold, only to have them pass, in silence."

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